ABS Global’s BOLIVER passes away

June 17, 2013

End-Road PVF BOLIVER has passed away following a successful life of 14 years.Boliver

Since his release in 2003, BOLIVER daughters have been known for tremendous udders for trouble-free cows and come from a well-known cow family that improves form and function. This great combination of family genetics and tremendous udders made BOLIVER daughters easy to like and find in the cow pen.

“BOLIVER has been a favorite of everyone at ABS, including our genetics staff, sales representatives around the globe and the barn crew that worked with him every day.  According to our production staff, BOLIVER ranks as the second highest lifetime semen producer in ABS history, behind only DIE-HARD,” said Ryan Starkenburg, sire selection manager at ABS Global. “BOLIVER continues to have a big impact on the Holstein breed through his daughters, sons and grandsons.  I am sure that wherever dairy farmers appreciate medium-sized, fancy cattle that last with outstanding udders and profitable production, they will appreciate BOLIVER descendents.”