Pioneering animal genetic improvement to help nourish the world

By: Macy Sarbacker, ABS Global Marketing Communications Intern

Agriculture is the root of our society. In the past, agriculture and farming tended to be lumped into one category that was assumed to mean farmers who worked on farms.

Today however, agriculture is the production, processing, marketing and distribution of crops and livestock products. Agriculture based jobs are not just for those managing a farm or ranch. Agriculture based positions can be utilized in a broad range of areas such as: sales representatives, research scientists, quality assurance, marketing, engineers, public health and more.  At ABS Global, it is our vision to continue to pioneer animal genetic improvement to help nourish the world.

“Without agriculture, we would be in a lot of trouble. Providing food to the world is one of the most basic needs we have today,” said Greg Peterson.

5th generation farmer’s sons, Greg Peterson, 22, and his brothers, Nathan, 19, and Kendal, 17, became an overnight sensation last year when they took their love for agriculture online.IMG_2133.jpg

The brothers, who have always been passionate about agriculture, began carrying a camera around their 1000 acres of farm land as they did their daily chores. They knew that agriculture needed to be promoted and thought YouTube videos would be an entertaining way to inform the public and spread the word about agriculture.

And they were right!

Their first video, “I’m Farming and I Grow It”, a parody of LMFAO’s “I’m Sexy and I Know It” has now been seen by nearly 23 million times by people across the globe.

“Agriculture has taught [us] work ethic, values, and how to treat animals and land the right way… It’s given [us] a unique perspective of the world and how important it is that we keep pressing forward as an industry,” said Peterson.

Agriculture enthusiasts across the globe are thankful for these young men who are committed to promoting agriculture in an entertaining way. For now, the Peterson brothers plan to continue to make videos, travel the country to speak on the importance of agriculture and most importantly, carry on the family tradition of farming.

Even in a modern society, agriculture continues to provide us with clothing, shelter, food and everyday necessities. As you can see, agriculture really is important! It is also important to keep our vision of continuing to pioneer animal genetic improvement to help nourish the world in the forefront of our minds.

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