Horst takes on sire analyst role with ABS Global

Aaron Horst has transitioned to the role of Jersey sire analyst with ABS Global, Inc. in addition to his responsibilities as a ABS Cornerstone specialist.

“Aaron’s knowledge of ABS, the AI Industry and Jersey genetics will greatly benefit the ABS sire analyst team,” said Andy Stiefel, Senior Manager of Genetic Programs.Horst

 As an ABS Cornerstone Specialist, Horst will continue to be responsible for developing and identifying potential new ABS Cornerstone herds while maintaining a relationship with current herds on the East Coast. He will also continue to monitor, evaluate and maintain progeny test herd data output in addition to being a Jersey sire analyst.

 Horst is a 2009 graduate of Virginia Tech with a bachelor’s degree in dairy science and a minor in agribusiness management. On campus he was active in the dairy club, North America Intercollegiate Dairy Challenge and the dairy judging team.

 Horst’s career with ABS began when he completed two internships with ABS Global including: the progeny promotions internship in 2007 and a sales and service internship in 2008.

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