ABS Global introduces Dairy InFocus- beef on dairy initiative

Dairy producers now have an all-inclusive tool to earn more money for dairy beef calves, segment females into genetic performance groups and improve quality of heifer replacements. ABS Dairy InFocus™ has been introduced as part of the ABS Genetic Management System® (GMS®). This program is aimed to provide producers the opportunity to create premium beef while maximizing dairy profit.0413_InFocus_testimonial_photo_WEB

 “The days of raising every heifer calf as a replacement are no longer valid, as it costs more to raise heifers than buy replacements,” states Tim Timmons, ABS Dairy InFocus manager. “By utilizing the ABS Dairy InFocus program, producers have access to the best beef genetics in the industry and the tools needed to maximize their profits through supply chain marketing.”

 ABS Dairy InFocus involves the strategic use of proven beef sires on dairy cows within a comprehensive breeding plan. InFocus enables dairies to increase cash flow and improve future herd genetics. Lower performing cows are bred to beef and calves are sold at a premium, while top performing cows are used for heifer replacements. This program allows producers an opportunity to get a premium in nine months based on their genetic decision today.

 “The ABS Dairy InFocus program really fits our Holstein and Jersey breeders. As a heifer ranch, we aim to develop the best dairy replacements for our customers. By using the ABS Dairy InFocus program on the lower performing cows, our dairy customers are paid a premium for beef calves and they get back higher quality replacement heifers,” notes Justin and Jerod Ball of Deer Creek Feeding LLC, Dalhart, TX.

 To learn more about the ABS Dairy InFocus program or get enrolled, contact customer service today at 1-800-ABS-STUD (227-7883).

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