From the Field – A Report on DORCY

29H14142 Coyne Farms DORCY-ET*BY

A report from ABS Area Sales Manager Kelly Driver                                                   

29H14142 Coyne Farms DORCY-ET

29H14142 Coyne Farms DORCY-ET

Coyne-Farms DORCY stands at #2 on the TPI lists and is living up to all his genomic predictions! DORCY was used heavily as a genomic sire and a sire of sons during his traditional sampling period and the resulting daughters are especially pleasing to breeders.

DORCY’s story actually starts in the spring of 1993 when his breeders, Coyne Farms at Avon, NY, were expanding and filling a new free stall barn. The 1000-cow dairy purchased a load of bred heifers from Canada and among the group was Glanstai Counselor Edie, a daughter of Carnation Counselor, who was pregnant at the time to Micheret Darby, an Inspiration son. As luck would have it, the resulting heifer calf became the dam of Coyne Farms Merrill Daisy (GP-81). She in turn was bred to Startmore Rudolph and that heifer became the dam of Coyne-Farms Bret Daffers (Ex-91), who has been a prolific brood cow at Coyne Farms. Her mating to Sandy-Valley BOLTON, resulted in DORCY, who tested clean for the CVM recessive.

DORCY’s full sister is classified EX-90 and peaked at 124 pounds of milk with a 6.1% butterfat test during the heat of last summer. Her third lactation credits to date for this lactation include 249 days 27,950M 4.3% 1191F 2.8% 776P. Additionally, there are 14 more Daffers daughters milking in the herd, sired by Goldwyn, Colby, Planet, Socrates, Auden, Million and SHOTTLE. Line them up side by side at the headlocks and what an impressive group they are! Dairyness, tremendous strength, uniformly good udders…it’s all evident in this cow family!

“Our DORCY daughters are slightly above average in size, but not too big for the free stalls, and all of them have really sound feet and legs,” notes Brian Coyne.

In fact, the Coyne herd now includes 15 milking DORCY daughters, with 7 more to calve in the coming months. The first milking daughter, Coyne-Farms Dorcy Jean, is classified VG-86 and currently is contracted to ABS for a BAYARD son. Another DORCY scored VG-86 is a daughter of Shottle Yeah, (part of their prolific Manfred Yadda cow family with several sons in active AI lineups).

At a neighboring farm dispersal last year, Brian purchased a DORCY bred heifer who now carries a fancy udder with veins evident from every angle. In fact, on the most recent herd classification, 12 DORCY daughters were scored with five attaining marks of Very Good 85 or higher. They ranged from 77 to 86 points overall, a testament to the uniformity throughout the entire group. Ten of the 15 milking daughters are currently milking over 80 pounds per day and the entire group boasts a 305-day mature equivalent production average of 26, 917 pounds!

DORCY offers breeders a little different pedigree with no O-Man, Planet, Goldwyn or SHOTTLE in it. The impressive combination of type and production from his cow family and daughters are readily evident in DORCY’s proof with +1603M +46F +45P +623NM 2.67SCS +4.9PL and +2.96T +3.36UDC +2.85FLC.

“The beautiful udders are what you notice first on his daughters,” notes Tom Harkenrider, sire analyst for ABS Global. “Daughters are strong, tall, and open with slight slope to the rump. They are also straight in the leg when viewed from both the side and rear.”

DORCY Daughters

Sandy-Valley Drcy Shamay-ET VG-86, Sandy-Valley Farms, Scandinavia, WI

Sandy-Valley Drcy Shamay-ET VG-86, Sandy-Valley Farms, Scandinavia, WI

Coyne-Farms Dorcy Jean VG-86, Coyne Farms, Inc, Avon, NY

Coyne-Farms Dorcy Jean VG-86, Coyne Farms, Inc, Avon, NY

Bender Dorcy 457-Grade GP-83, Loyal Bender, Greenwood, DE

Bender Dorcy 457-Grade GP-83, Loyal Bender, Greenwood, DE

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