New Holstein Graduates – A Note From the Field


Sugar-Drop Chase Kathy VG-85

By Aaron Horst, ABS Cornerstone Specialist

29HO14344 CHASE (Oman x BOLIVER)

I have seen a couple dozen CHASE daughters, and they have looked very encouraging—particularly with their udders.  Consistently snug mammary systems with nice texture have been the standout feature of these daughters.  They carry their udders high above the hocks, have correct teat size and placement, and have attachments that will wear well over multiple lactations.  These daughters move easily on a set of feet and legs tailored for concrete.  Although they have varied on strength and openness, my overall impression on nearly all the daughters has been positive.  The daughter below I helped picture scored VG-85 on a SET, and seeing her in person, she deserved every point.

Star-Rock Duston 4298 GP-82

Star-Rock Duston 4298 GP-82

29HO14297 DUSTON (Baxter x Goldwyn)

The limited number of daughters I’ve seen from DUSTON have impressed me.  He is an extremely appealing ABS Sexation™ sire, as his daughters have had fancy udders with extremely deep udder clefts, strong attachments, and prominent veining.  They look like they produce well as evidenced by their flat bone and silky hide.  I think they will develop their frames throughout their first lactation and stand out as 3 year olds.

Nolt Haddy 498-Grade

Nolt Haddy 498-Grade

29HO14288 HADDY (Mac x Ramos)

HADDY is #2 at ABS for DPR at +3.1 and makes what I call “invisible” cows.  . There is nothing particularly extreme about his daughters to make them jump out, but that is precisely why he will please commercial customers.  As you could expect with his pedigree, his daughters track out on great feet and legs and are somewhat compact. Their udders are youthful with secure attachments and great teat placement although they will produce around herd average.  All this translates into trouble free cows that last, and they will be anonymously profitable for many lactations.

Prospect for April 2013   

My daughter inspections of April 2013 prospects are underway.  A sire showing early promise is 29HO14415 DYNASTY (Baxter x Goldwyn).  These daughters are superbly uddered with stylish frames and walk on great feet and legs.  A large commercial herd in Pennsylvania is milking eight of them, and their consistency impressed me.  Three are shown below.

Dynasty3        Dynasty2 Dynasty

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