December Prospects – A Note from the Field

By Kelly Driver, ABS Cornerstone Specialist – Northeastern States

So, What Are You Seeing That Looks Good?

“I am really excited by what I am seeing in the daughters of several of our prospective graduate bulls for the upcoming December sire summary!

Leading the way for me is 29H13916 JAGGER (Bolton X Titanic). This bull makes them very uniform – black, silky, average stature, good width and phenomenal udders – as though they were stamped out from a cookie cutter! We pictured one professionally this summer at a dairy here in New York. When I was there a few weeks ago, I found another photo-worthy daughter recently fresh again. It turns out the herd used 10 units of assigned ABS Cornerstone semen, resulting in five heifers – all milking in the herd today!

Damin Jagger 3383-Grade GP-80

Damin Jagger 3383-Grade GP-80

Jagger 3384 in her working clothes

Jagger 3384 in her working clothes

29H14038 MACE (Mac X Detroit)is another potential graduate whose daughters have been pleasing. The Mace daughters are medium stature and tend to be straighter in the leg. They have snugly attached udders and are milking well for their owners. Some of the daughters have sloping rumps. The daughter pictured here was just milked 2 hours before I was there and calved at 1-10. She is milking 81 pounds/day at the time of the picture. This herd has 4 daughters of MACE, ranging in score from 75 to 83 points for the classifier. (Incidentally, the heifer pictured is the 75 point heifer.)

Mace 2068 just after milking

Mace 2068 just after milking

Bolton sons are certainly making their mark on the industry and 29H14184 SENNETT (Bolton X Oman) could easily join that group. I haven’t seen as many of these daughters in my area, but the ones I have seen have been very balanced cows with good udders, like the one pictured below. Who wouldn’t mind milking an udder like that every day?

Sennett Sonya

Sennett Sonya

And an August 2012 JERSEY Graduate we should certainly talk about…

29JE3630 MAGNIFICO (Lexington X Lemvig) offers a pedigree that is free of Impuls blood, +336M +1.4Type and +2.4 Jersey Udder Index. His component tests are +.12%F +.05%P. The daughters I have seen have been dairy and balanced. They have high and wide rear udders with good udder cleft. The leg tends to be straighter and they can be a bit sloped in the rump structure.”

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