Asia Investing Heavily in Genetic Improvement of Dairy Herds

ABS Global, Inc., the world leader in bovine genetics, is committed to providing developing Asian markets with the world’s most progressive and reliable genetics. The ABS Genetic Management System® (GMS®) is a genetic improvement program and one vehicle that is supporting customers in growing Asian markets. Japan, China and South Korea are three countries that have embraced the GMS program with success and gained confidence in ABS dairy products and services.

GMS Cows

Balanced and consistent group of 1st lactation cows in an 8-year customer’s herd on the Japan GMS Tour

ABS is fortunate to be able to work with the Japan Livestock Trading Company (JLT) to provide customers with world-class genetics and services. Officially launched in 2004, Japan has experienced steady growth in number of cows evaluated and number of customers. Over 130,000 GMS recommendations were provided on Japanese dairies in 2011 – a 20% growth from prior year. There are now six full time GMS evaluators in Japan which work closely with the JLT sales team.

A strong testament to the advancement of the GMS program in Japan was the first-ever GMS tour, held in the spring of 2012. This tour was a great opportunity for a diverse group of customers to gather and see the GMS program at work. A group of progressive producers gathered with members of the JLT sales team, all six of JLT’s certified GMS evaluators, Dan Bauer, ABS North America’s genetic management programs manager and Graham Buchanan, Asia and Pacific manager.

North America GMS Staff with Genus China Group

Genus China staff along with Dan Bauer, genetic management programs manager and Emily Novinskie, GMS data manager during the official GMS launch in the spring of 2012.

In China, a spring 2012 GMS launch has proven that there is a need for genetic management services in one of the world’s most rapidly growing dairy markets. The Chinese GMS launch has been highly successful, as nearly 40,000 cows from Chinese dairies have already been mated through the program. The ABS China team is small, but they believe that GMS is extremely valuable and will be critical in assisting their customers improve profitably through genetic improvement.

ABS North America is very optimistic about the Chinese market, and Nancy Jiang, general manager of ABS China believes the business will pay more attention to advanced concepts, technologies, and software services in the future. The GMS program is only the beginning of a relationship between data and genetics, and China is hopeful that GMS will provide a value-added service to their dairyman and work to improve type, production and overall cow health.

GMS officially launched in South Korea in 2006. According to Mr. Cho (Roy) of ABS distributor Joong Ang Gene Tech. Co. Ltd., “There was a need for a more thorough a mating program in South Korea and several customers were looking for a flexible program that was more economical. GMS filled this need and has been growing steadily ever since.” Cho went on to state that GMS has been able to gain customer loyalty because the customers appreciate and value the service.

One aspect of the GMS program that keeps South Korean customers using the service is the detail the evaluator provides. Having a genetic professional discuss the herd goals and evaluate each cow has gained GMS credibility and customer loyalty. GMS results have been coming into the milking string for a couple of years and the customers are extremely satisfied with the balance and consistency of the GMS offspring. “They are eagerly waiting for the next generation of GMS results”, says Cho.

GMS is the world’s most widely utilized genetic management program, with a portfolio of nearly six million cows mated annually in over 30 different countries. The GMS program offers progressive genetic management, profitable solutions, and flexible service for herds of all sizes and goals.

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