ABS International Daughter Tour Day 3

Notes from Kylene Anderson, Global Dairy Product Specialist

The last day of the daughter tour we were taken through the beautiful rolling hillsides of Derbyshire to visit several more impressive ABS customer herds.  The first stop was Meldamar Holsteins where we able to see remarkable daughters of 29HO12572 BLUESKY and 29HO12645 DRAYMAN. The daughters fit the profile for each bull with sound locomotion with exceptional udder attachments. The herd is truly a family operation and an ABS Cornerstone® herd. They may be remembered by ABS customers and staff around the world for their SHOTTLE triplet heifers with a wonderful photo featured in many marketing pieces and calendars.



The second herd of the day confirmed what we learned from day 2 of the tour – 29HO12686 Mascol MARS has an undeniable stamp of quality cows.  As you will see from the photo the moderate size, black hides and well attached udders built for longevity.

Mascol MARS Daughter

Mascol MARS Daughter

As Philip Dobson from the U.K. Cornerstone team stated,  “As you can see from the MARS daughters, especially including this outstanding cow today, you can see why we are very excited about the future of this bull.”

The third stop of the day took us to the last herd in Derbyshire for our visit, Sharplow Farm.  We were able to see a 29HO12646 BOSSMAN daughter that is cut out of the mold you expect to see from this bull just as his proof states – type, type, TYPE!  An incredibly correct framed cow with dairy strength, deep and open ribs, fantastic udder attachments and veination, she is the kind that any producer looking for type will be pleased to see in their herd.

BOSSMAN Daughter

BOSSMAN Daughter

A special thank you goes out to the U.K. Cornerstone team and the customer herds we visited for putting on a world-class tour with cows that impressed!

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