ABS International Daughter Tour Day Two

Second-Day Updates from Kylene Anderson, Global Dairy Product Specialist

As our tour continues the progeny and bull mothers featured grow even more impressive.  The first stop of the day took us to Hockenhull & Leighton where we were able to view a daughter of 29HO12722 Laurelhill CLASSIC and 29HO13685 Sandy-Valley KNIGHT.  Classic is a newly released sire in the U.K. market and a great fit as well – high components, great feet and legs, all around good commercial cows.

29HO13685 KNIGHT and 29HO13913 CLASSIC Daughters

29HO13685 KNIGHT and 29HO12722 CLASSIC Daughters

KNIGHT is a unique sire as he is housed in North America and was single sampled in the U.K. The daughter we viewed was featured in promotional materials, Sancroy Knight Delft. She exhibits what you see in his proof – cows with long fore udders that possess tall, long, dairy frames.

Our second stop of the day could arguably be the highlight of the tour; the Woodmarsh herd. As Andrew Rutter, EU Product Development Manager stated, “This is one of the best herds and home of some of the most exciting cow families I get to work with.”

The tour group was able to view a full sister to 29HO12738 Woodmarsh ZORO, a recent U.K. graduate who traces roots back to the Ocean-View Zandra family.

According to the herd owner Mick Gould, “I have found in the U.K. we are looking for type and components; ZORO is getting us to reach this combination.”

Borderview Blackstar Lyme EX-95

Cleevale Prelude Lyme 2-ET EX-95

The group was also treated to view the Lyme family and the original cow who started it all – Borderview Blackstar Lyme herself (shown in photo).  She is now 19 years old and EX-95, and the granddam to ABS customer favorites 29HO12554 TOPSHOT & 29HO12593 LOTTO.

MARS Daughters

MARS Daughters

The tour made a few more stops viewing daughter groups of second crop sires 29HO11909 HAYDEN, 29HO11614 JEEVES and a prospect 29HO12739 Woomarsh ZEVS (SHOTTLE brother to ZORO). A highlight of the afternoon stop was two impressive VG-85 daughters of 29HO12686 Mascol MARS, shown in the photo. This pair are a unique story as three generations of young sires used, with the two generations of sires behind them not graduating into active line-ups.  Silky, black and dairy, MARS daughters are just as the Cornerstone team has said – out of this world!

Full Sisters to BLUESKY

Full Sisters to BLUESKY

Closing out the tour for the day we were able to view the herd where of an impressive ABS sire was bred – 29HO12572 Galastar BLUESKY. One of the first SHOTTLE sons sampled and released, his family proves the reason for the incredible success of this impressive sire.  We look forward to seeing even more of these impressive BLUESKY daughters tomorrow.

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