ABS International Daughter Tour Day One

Notes from Kylene Anderson, Global Dairy Product Specialist

The international daughter tour hosted by the U.K. kicked off with a bang! A wide variety of participants – Germans, Australians, Americans, and a group from the U.K. and Ireland are all attending this week’s tour.

First stop was the James and Anna Rogerson Farm in Lancashire where we viewed two MCCORMICK daughters.  Mr. Rogerson was enthusiastic about the daughters.

29HO13053 MCCORMICK Daughters

29HO13053 MCCORMICK Daughters

“They are easy to work with, good cubicle (free stall) cows, have great fertility and I have used MCCORMICK for his excellent components,” Rogerson commented.

The second stop lead us to the Whitecarr Farm where we were able to see an incredibly framed 29HO12646 BOSSMAN out of a GP-80 ROY. As Katie Miller, U.K. Progeny Promotion Specialist informed the group, “BOSSMAN is the ideal mating on SHOTTLE and O Man genes.  Look for BOSSMAN daughters to be foot & leg specialists.”

BOSSMAN x ROY daughter

BOSSMAN x ROY daughter

29HO12646 BOSSMAN was the highlight again on our third stop where we were able to view a phenomenal daughter – one that has been featured in literature around the globe (Parkhead 779).  She demonstrates his incredible daughter fertility as she is fresh 75 days with her third calf at 3-09 and looks the part of a well balanced cow.  Her youthful udder is shown in the snapshots.

BOSSMAN Parkhead 779

BOSSMAN Parkhead 779

The afternoon was highlighted by two British Friesian daughters of Deangate QUENTIN – an impressive pair out on the paddocks in their element.  Their mild disposition and robust frames confirms what the British Friesian cross on Holsteins can do for a long-lasting cow.

The last stop of the day was viewing a 29HO12727 VERVE daughter at Rhual Dairy in Wales. Milking 300 cows, this scenic dairy gave us a glimpse at a GP-83 first crop VERVE daughter. Just as his proof shows, VERVE adds a slight curve to the leg, adds teat length, boasts open frames, hard tops and long rumps.  VERVE has a bright future!

We are looking forward to Day 2 where the BOSSMAN story will continue along with several other key ABS sires to be featured!

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