ABS Staff Attends First Ever Japanese GMS® Tour

ABS North America’s Genetic Management Programs Manager, Dan Bauer, recently had the opportunity to travel to Japan to attend and support Japan Livestock Trading Company’s (JLT) first-ever GMS® program and progeny tour. JLT and its experienced and talented sales team distribute ABS genetics to Japanese dairymen looking for world leading bovine genetics. Because Japanese dairy farmers are some of the most genetic-focused producers in the entire world, the GMS program has been exponentially growing in Japan. This first-ever GMS tour was a great opportunity for a diverse group of customers to gather and see the program at work.

The GMS tour group included a group of over ten Japanese dairy farmers of varying age and herd size. This group of progressive producers gathered with members of the JLT sales team, all six of JLT’s certified GMS evaluators, as well as ABS staff, Bauer and Asia and Pacific Manager Graham Buchanan.

The 3-day tour began on the island of Hokkaido for the 2012 Hokkaido B&W Show. Exhibitors prepared and paraded over 250 head of Hokkaido’s finest dairy cattle to compete for bragging rights, pride, and of course the ribbons!

Daughters of ABS genetics consistently landed near and at the top of the highly competitive classes the entire show. Highlights included the winning winter yearling, a daughter of current productive life giant and Rock Solid Genetics® sire 29HO11614 JEEVES. Another show highlight for ABS being a daughter of Holstein legend and millionaire sire 29HO9023 ROY topping the Junior 3 year old class in milking form.

Junior Champion by 29HO11655 BREAKOUT

Junior Champion by 29HO11655 BREAKOUT

After the dust settled and the banners awarded ABS progeny had risen to the top and were named champions of both the heifer and cow shows. The Junior Champion senior yearling was sired by 29HO11655 BREAKOUT and the Grand Champion 5 year old sired by the St. Jacobs sire of breed-leading type 94HO10276 DUNDEE.



Grand Champion by 29HO10276 DUNDEE

Grand Champion by 29HO10276 DUNDEE

The JLT team manning the booth

The JLT team manning the booth

After the completion of the show the tour group had the opportunity to attend a presentation given by Bauer on the inner-workings of the GMS program. Bauer discussed how the GMS program has become a vital part of helping ABS and its global customer-base improve herd profitability and herd efficiencies through the use of industry-leading genetic consulting services and breeding recommendations.

Discussing dairy industry issues

Discussing dairy industry issues

Finally the tour group visited four different Japanese dairies currently using ABS genetics and GMS in their breeding programs. Although each farm varied in herd size and management practices one thing was heard loud and clear. Each dairy farmer wanted uniform and consistent cows and each dairyman was extremely complementary of the GMS team and the GMS program’s ability to deliver these consistent results.

Seki Farm - a progressive dairy making use of solar power

Seki Farm – a progressive dairy making use of solar power

“It was exciting to see ABS genetics at work on the Japanese dairy farms. I was extremely impressed with the many long-lasting trouble-free daughters of ABS sires such as 29HO10124 BOLIVER, 29HO11111 BOLTON, 29HO10493 BURT, 29HO8538 DIE-HARD, 29HO11614 JEEVES, 29HO10644 GARRISON, 29HO11153 HOMESTEAD, and 29HO10483 JAMMER. It was rewarding for me to see Japanese customers pleased with the performance of their ABS progeny and to hear how GMS has helped ensure that they capture maximum performance out of their genetic investment,” Bauer commented.

Nice group of 2 years old daughters at an 8 year GMS customer’s commercial dairy

A group of 2-year-old daughters at an 8-year GMS customer’s commercial dairy

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