Day 3 of Successful Farm Tours in Idaho

Another action packed day welcomed the attendees of the 2012 Profit with ABS Large Herd Management Tour in Idaho yesterday. An early morning departure led the group to the first stop of the day – the Black Pine heifer facility in Malta, Idaho.

Black Pine Cattle Company, LLC is owned by Bill and Susie Millenkamp. This incredible heifer raising facility houses animals from eight large customers, and is assisted with reproductive needs through ABS RMS® technicians. ABS techs breed on average 140 heifers each day and provide heat detection. All heifers are housed on open lots year-round.

Black Pine Cattle Company, LLC

Black Pine Cattle Company, LLC

Following lunch at an area park, the group headed to Double B Dairy, LLC, of Murtaugh, Idaho. Owned by Louis Bettencourt, Mariano Del Cid, Joe Brazil, Rick Onaindia and Jeff Ackerman, Double B milks just shy of 10,000 cows housed on an open lot facility. The herd has a RHA of 28,835 lbs milk, and runs two, double-50 parallel parlors.

Double B Dairy, LLC

Double B Dairy, LLC

While at Double B, visitors had the chance to see progeny of JEEVES, GOLDENBOY, DOBERMAN, MAGNETISM, RUBLE, BURT, DUNDEE, GAMEDAY, FAIR and PONDER.

The last stop on the 2012 large herd tour was Dry Creek dairy of Hansen, Idaho. Luis and Sharon Bettencourt own this operation, which is home to over 15,000 cows with a rolling herd average topping 27,000 lbs milk. They operate 9,000 acres of cropland, and cows are housed in freestalls and open lots.

ABS would like to thank all of the host farms, staff and tour attendees that helped to make this week’s festivities possible. Check back for additional photos from this tour soon!

The Tour Group

The Tour Group

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