Day Two of ABS Large Herd Tour In the Books

The second day of the Profit with ABS Large Herd Management Tour 2012 began with a tour of Millenkamp Cattle, Inc. of Jerome, Idaho. This exceptional calf raising facility was established in 1997 and houses wet calves up to six months of age.

Next up for the day was an impressive group of Jersey progeny and Aardema Dairy #2 in Wendell, Idaho. This 2,400-cow Jersey dairy included offspring of ABS sires LYNDON, STRUNK, LEGAL, HEADLINE, AMOROUS, and JUPITER. The group was fortunate to have a driving tour of additional Aardema dairies #5, #4, the calf ranch, Canyon Crest, MPC Plant, and dairies #6 and #7. By the end of the Aardema string, the group was back in Jerome, Idaho.

An impressive group at Aardema Dairy #2

An impressive group at Aardema Dairy #2

After a great lunch at Double A Dairy, attendees were able to enjoy an open forum with John Andersen and Jordan Leak, Aardema Dairy group managers. Double A dairy includes 13,000 cows and utilizes the ABS RMS® and Cornerstone® programs. Tour goers also had the chance to view progeny of ABS sires MCCORMICK, BURT, GARRETT, GERARD, BOLIVER, JEEVES, LEGEND, LEVI, GLENNON, ATTRIBUTE, TAYLOR, CUNNING and ASPEN. There were also special individuals from Triple Crown Genetics on display for the group.

Day two concluded with a tour of the Double A and Aardema Dairies’ calving area. A state of the art facility, the location calves in as many as 50-75 animals every day.

Stay tuned for additional photos from day two and a conclusion of the dairy tours and day three!


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