2012 Profit with ABS Large Herd Tour Kicks off in Idaho

The Profit with ABS Large Herd Management Tour 2012 kicked off in Boise, Idaho yesterday with over 100 participants from seven different countries outside of the U.S. in attendance.

The week began with an introduction and overview from ABS staff on the programs, services and progeny that the tours throughout the week are set to focus on. Wayne DeBuhr, North America Dairy Product Manager, is pictured here addressing an attentive Monday morning crowd.

Wayne DeBuhr speaking to the group

Wayne DeBuhr speaking to the group

After checking out of the hotel in Boise, tour goers headed to P&L Doornenbal Dairy in Caldwell, Idaho. The Doornenbal family has 600 cows, and has been a Genetic Management Systems® (GMS®) customer for more than eight years. They are also a Valiant® teat dip customer, and utilize ABS’ Reproductive Management Services® (RMS®). Their current RHA is nearly 34,000 lbs milk, with a 110,000 SCS.

P&L Doornenbal Dairy

P&L Doornenbal Dairy

The next stop on day one was Teunissen Dairy in Plymouth, Idaho. The Teunessians milk 2,000 cows and have a RHA of over 29,000 lbs milk with 130,000 SCS. They have grown their herd from 900 cows in the past three years, and utilize the ABS RMS® program. The Teunissen family also hosted the group for lunch, and was the final stop on day one of the tour.

Teunissen Dairy

Teunissen Dairy

Stay tuned for more photos to come from this week’s tours in Idaho!

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