New ABS Graduates Led by BOLTON Sons

Three 29HO11111 BOLTON sons entered the ABS active lineup following the April 2012 USDA sire summary data release. ABS sire analysts Paul Trapp and Tom Harkenrider offer their comments on these new graduates.

Comments from ABS Sire Analyst Paul Trapp

GILLESPY is the result of combining two of the ABS Million Unit Bulls (SHOTTLE & BOLTON) with the BWM Georgia family into one wonderful package.

Pedigree Information
Sire:            Sandy-Valley Bolton-ET EX-90
Dam:          De-Su 6822-ET VG-85 DOM
2-02  3X  33150M  3.9%  1309F  3.0%  983P
MGD:         De-Su BW Marshal Georgia-ET EX-90 @ 8-02 GMD DOM
Lifetime:  1314d  133510M  3.7%  4998F  3.0%  3967P
3rd Dam:    De-Su Patron Gold-ET EX-90 2E @ 9-06 GMD DOM
Lifetime:  2290d  205350M  4.0%  8215F  3.1%  6322P (4 lactations)
4th Dam:     Kerndtway Lead Gretchen-ET VG-87 @ 6-00 GMD DOM
Lifetime:  1675d  133650M  3.5%  4658F  3.0%  4024P (4 lactations)
5th Dam     Kerndtway Goldust-ET VG-86 @ 5-05 GMD DOM (3 Lactations)
6th Dam:     Miss Milk-Key Gold Mine-ET EX-91 2E @ 6-03 GMD DOM
Lifetime:  2831d  209050M  4.0% 8342F  3.0%  6364P (6 lactations)
7th Dam:     Milk-Key Bootmaker Grace Ann EX-91 @ 10-04 GMD DOM
Lifetime:  2799d  181740M  4.0%  7321P (8 lactations)

De-Su Holsteins is located in NE Iowa just a stones throw from Minnesota and across the Mississippi River from Wisconsin in New Albin, IA. Dean and Sue Meyer farm with their two sons, Darin and Dustin. Over the past twenty years, De-Su has grown from a typical Midwest tie-stall herd to milking right at 1100 cows three times a day with a tank production average over 100 lbs this winter.

GILLESPY’s family has lived at De-Su for several generations. Patron Gold lived to over ten years of age and produced over 200,000 lifetime. She was a tremendous, silky dairy cow with an excellent udder.  Unfortunately, she was not a great flush cow but she did leave VG daughters sired by Hershel, Garter and BWM. Patron Gold’s most famous daughter is BWM Georgia EX-90 who is still alive and producing in the herd today at 10 years of age! Unlike her mother, Georgia has flushed extremely well, as she has 1 EX, 15 VG and 25 GP daughters to date, plus she is the dam of GLEE. Many of the De-Su prefixed bulls you have seen in the ABS Bull Book are related to GILLESPY.

Sabiniere Gillespy Louisecan VG-85, Ferme sabiniere 1999 Inc., Ste. Sabine, PQ, Canada

Sabiniere Gillespy Louisecan VG-85, Ferme sabiniere 1999 Inc., Ste. Sabine, PQ, Canada

SHOTTLE 6822 is the maternal sister to O-Man 61621, who is the dam of GRANDMASTER, MOTIF and new release GROVER. GILLESPY has one VG full sister, Bolton 7872, who is the dam of 29HO14920 TUNDRA sired by SANDY and 29HO16302 SILAS sired by Sebastian. One thing that has impressed me about the Georgia family is no matter what bull was used on the family, the resulting daughters always have good udders and they age gracefully. GILLESPY was dual sampled in Canada and the USA.

Sabiniere Gillespy Louisecan VG-85, Ferme sabiniere 1999 Inc., Ste. Sabine, PQ, Canada

Sabiniere Gillespy Louisecan VG-85, Ferme sabiniere 1999 Inc., Ste. Sabine, PQ, Canada

GILLESPY daughters offer an elite combination of high production and superb type. His daughters are standouts when it comes to udder attachments. Their udders are held high above the hock, with snug fore udder attachments and tremendous height and width of rear udder. GILLESPY daughters are long-bodied, clean-boned individuals with plenty of depth and openness of rib. These daughters also have good mobility on legs that track straight when viewed from the rear with a slight flex in the hock and a steep foot angle with a deep heel. GILLESPY will add a slight slope from hooks to pins.

Use GILLESPY on the milking pens to increase production while making incredible typed individuals.  To make things simple, use him in the same way you would use his sire, BOLTON.

29HO13854 Rhoman-Wai BURST*TV*BY
Comments from ABS Sire Analyst Tom Harkenrider

BURSTing onto the scene is an exciting BOLTON son. Producer milk checks will increase due to more volume and quality premiums due to lower SCS for a longer period of time.

Pedigree Information
Sire:            Sandy-Valley BOLTON-ET
Dam:          Rhoman-Wai O-Man 2116-ET VG-85 VV+V+ GMD
Best Record:  2-04 3x  365d  33,980M  3.5%  1193F  3.0%  1028P
2nd Dam:    Rhoman-Wai Marshall 1342-ET VG-87 VVVVV GMD DOM
Best Record:  1-11  3x  365d  28,740M  3.7%  1072F  3.0%  865P
3rd Dam:    Rhoman-Wai Buffalo (Merrill) VG-88 EVEEV DOM
Best Record:  3-10  3x  365d  29,270M  4.4%  1301F  3.4%  985P
4th Dam:    Rhoman Prelude Butterball 2E-91 EEEEE GMD DOM
Best Record:  4-07  3x  365d  35,690M  4.6%  1626F  3.4%  1199P
Lifetime:   2170d  166,990M  4.3%  7221F  3.2%  5408P
5th Dam:    Rhoman Cleitus Buttercup-ET VG-88 VEE+V DOM
Best Record:  2-09  3x  365d  31,560M  3.6%  1149F  3.2%  1016P
Lifetime: 1612d 109,700M 3.7% 4020F 3.2% 3523P

BURST hails from the commercial, free stall operation of Roy and Donna Homan in Chester, VT. The family behind BURST is the dominant family in terms of influence in their 375 cow herd. The family is on the top end for production and type. The 3rd dam, Buffalo, was a prolific brood cow, leaving 2 EX and 12 VG daughters from 9 different sires in the herd. ABS continues to work with the family. A Colby sister to BURST is under contract to ABS. 29HO14792 LAZARUS is from the VG-85 full sister to the dam of BURST. The full sister to LAZARUS is contracted to ABS as well.

Creek Valley Burst 1789-Grade, Creek Valley Farm, McConnellsburg, PA

Creek Valley Burst 1789-Grade, Creek Valley Farm, McConnellsburg, PA

BURST creates balanced cows of moderate size that are ready to produce lots of milk. Daughters exhibit cleanliness throughout with depth and spring to both fore and rear rib. These cows will move easily in commercial environments as they track extremely straight from behind, have ideal set to the leg, good depth of heel and a clean fine bone. BURST will shorten teat length while maintaining udder height. Use BURST on cows with strong rear udder attachments and clefts to yield high producing daughters.

BURST is an 8% calving ease sire, so he can be used some in the heifer pens. He will mate well on daughters of BOOSTER, BOULDER, DAYTON, DETECTIVE, DIE-HARD, DISTANT, DRAGON, DRAKE, GOOMAN, HAMEL, JEEVES, JUNIPER, LIN, NACHO, NORSKI, PRO, RON, SAWYER, TOUCHDOWN, and ZAKARIAH.

29HO13991 Kings-Ransom B RUBLE*TV*TY
Comments from ABS Sire Analyst Tom Harkenrider

RUBLE is one of the first daughter proven BOLTON sons available. Like his millionaire sire, RUBLE will increase profitability as the daughters produce large volumes of high quality (low SCS) milk. Also, RUBLE is an excellent choice when needed to get cows pregnant.

Pedigree Information
Sire:            Sandy-Valley BOLTON-ET
Dam:          Kings-Ransom Blvr (BOLIVER) Risque-ET VG-88 VE++E
Best Record:  2-03  3x  365d  39,140M  3.2%  1260F  3.2%  1241P
2nd Dam:    Kings-Ransom BOMBAY Rale-ET EX-92 EEVVV GMD DOM
Best Record:  5-11  3x  365d  50,520M  4.4%  2229F  2.8%  1414P
Lifetime:  1549d  165,820M  4.6%  10067F  3.3%  7238P
3rd Dam:    Kings-Ransom Lordlily Ruby VG-87 VEE+V GMD DOM
Best Record:  2-02  3x  365d  35,340M  3.4%  1198F  3.0%  1063P
4th Dam:    Kings-Ransom Cels Riches-ET VG-85 +EVG+ GMD
Best Record:  4-06  3x  365d  37,030M  3.4%  1254F  3.0%  1096P
Lifetime:   2640d  213,720M  3.5%  7470F  2.9%  6272P
5th Dam:    Kings-Ransom Troy Rags VG-85 +EVG DOM
Best Record:  4-04  2x  365d  32,275M  3.8%  1228F  3.2%  1024P

The cow family behind RUBLE features five consecutive generations of AI bull mothers. The family is noted for their milk production. RUBLE’s five closest dams all produced milk records in excess of 32,000 lbs. Adding BOLTON to the top side of the pedigree solidifies RUBLE as a production sire. RUBLE’s grand dam, BOMBAY Rale was a tremendous brood cow leaving 6-VG & 4-EX daughters in the herd by seven different sires. Unfortunately, RUBLE’s dam by BOLIVER, Risque did not respond well to ET work. She does have a VG-87 Colby daughter with multiple contracts to ABS. Other branches of RUBLE’s family are the foundation for the 1,000 cow milking herd at Kings-Ransom in Schuylerville, NY.

RUBLE combines the classic traits of BOLTON and BOLIVER to continue an ABS legacy of success and production. Daughters are moderate stature and dairy. Protect for strength as they can be narrow through the chest. Udders are all you can expect from the two popular pedigrees. High, wide rear udders, smooth blending fore udders, and a deep seam to carry their high production through many lactations. Daughters track straight with a correct foot, though protect for a slight set.

Idsinga Ruble 4331-Grade, Idsinga Dairy, Kerman, CA

Idsinga Ruble 4331-Grade, Idsinga Dairy, Kerman, CA


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