ABS April Graduate Outlook

What is looking good for potential April graduates?
Comments from Kelly Driver, Cornerstone Specialist

That is a question we Cornerstone Specialists get asked often. Of course, there are the daughters of 94H13666 DESTRY, 29H14142 DORCY and 94H14105 AFTERSHOCK that are calving across the country and creating quite a stir! But here are some notes on a few other potential graduates:

29H13935 GROVER (Jose x Oman) – Dairy cows with snug & fancy fore udders; rear udders are wide with average height. They have strong udder cleft, average stature, good width throughout, nice feet and legs.

29H13854 BURST (Bolton x Oman) – These are wide cows with average to tall stature and ample dairyness. They have acceptable legs, track straight from the rear and average foot angle. Teat placement is central on udders with very good clefts. I would watch the length of fore udder, but they are tightly attached.

29H13832 BASIL (Toystory x Outside) – These average stature cows are built like a box – as wide as they are tall! They have good spring of rib, dairyness, and track on ideal feet & legs. The rear udders end to be high & wide with excellent udder cleft. These cows have tremendous capacity to get to the bunk and convert forage to milk – perfect commercial, freestall cows!

Hannah Worden, Cornerstone Specialist in California, adds these notes:

29H14080 GAVIN (Bolton x Shottle) – I have really liked the ones I have seen. They have great udders with firm attachments and are quite dairy. I had six or seven score GP during SET classification programs last week.

29H13994 HEX (Bolton x Potter) – These daughters are looking good too! They are extremely dairy with great udders, and appear to be making a lot of milk.

With sire summary just six weeks away, stay tuned for more exciting information on new release sires! 

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