Pull the TRIGGER on This SHOTTLE Son

29HO13846 Lars-Acres Shot TRIGGER-ET*TV*TY
Comments from ABS Sire Analyst Susie Martin

29HO13846 Lars-Acres Shot TRIGGER-ET*TV*TY

29HO13846 Lars-Acres Shot TRIGGER-ET*TV*TY

A December 2011 graduate as the number nine sire on Holstein USA’s Top 100 TPI list, TRIGGER has been an ABS Primetime favorite. TRIGGER excels in type and has an appealing pedigree with generations of very good and excellent dams. In addition, he ranks well for management traits, lowering somatic cell score, increases fertility and the TRIGGER daughters are designed for longevity.

Pedigree Information
Sire:           Picston SHOTTLE-ET EX-96
Dam:          Lars-Acres Tenise-ET (Boliver) VG-88 EEEV+
Best Record:    3-03 3X 330d 27,620M 3.9% 1074F 3.0% 838P
2nd Dam:   Lars-Acres Trish-ET (Outside) VG-87 EVE+V
Best Record:    3-03 3X 365d 36,530M 3.3% 1216F 2.9% 1073P
3rd Dam:   Lars-Acres Tricia EX-91 (Rudolph) EEEEE DOM
Best Record:    4-00 3X 365d 37,110M 3.2% 1192F 3.1% 1134P
4th Dam:     Lars-Acres Trouble-ET (Mandel) EX-90 EEEV 2E DOM
Best Record:    6-01 2X 305d 28,740M 3.2% 924F 2.9% 839P
5th Dam:     Stauffland Gold Torrey EX-92 EEEVE 2E DOM
Best Record:    6-08 2xX 365d 30,570M 3.8% 1153F 2.9% 897P
6thDam:      Stauffland Mars Toni EX-90 VEEE
Lifetime:    2132d 103,920M 3.8% 3918F 2.9% 3008P

TRIGGER hails from Larson Acres of Evansville, Wisconsin – a family owned dairy farm including six Larson families spanning five generations. TRIGGER’S dam, Boliver Tenise #5015, was contracted by ABS has a virgin heifer to SHOTTLE. She was one of several BOLIVER sisters and has developed into an outstanding individual. Boliver Tenise #5015 has impressive calving intervals (2-01, 3-03, 4-05, 5-04) and over 100,000 lifetime production. At 6 years and 9 months, she calved again in December of 2011.

His Daughters

TRIGGER is the complete package! This SHOTTLE x BOLIVER son is sure to please as an all around type and production improver. TRIGGER daughters excel in udder traits, with exceptional fore udder attachments, rear udders that are welded on with width throughout, and great depth of udder cleft and teat size. TRIGGER daughters are extremely mobile with a steep foot and moderate flex to the hock.

Lars-Acres Trigger 7950 GP-82, Larson Acres, Evansville, WI

Lars-Acres Trigger 7950 GP-82, Larson Acres, Evansville, WIMeneses Trigger 2842-Grade GP-80, Jan Meneses, Manteca, CA


Meneses Trigger 2842-Grade GP-80, Jan Meneses, Manteca, CA

Meneses Trigger 2842-Grade GP-80, Jan Meneses, Manteca, CA

Mating Information

TRIGGER is a fun bull for the heifer pens. His profile predicts impressive management traits, pleasing udders, steep foot angle, and he will add width and strength. He should complement BOLTON and Goldwyn pedigrees, and can work nicely on daughters of BOULDER, GABE, GARRISON, GRANDMASTER, JAMMER, JUNIPER, LANGDON, MATSON, PENNYMAKER, and SANDY.

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