Local Dairyman Welcomes Healthy Triplets

ABS customer Kyle Rauls was fortunate to witness a 1 in 8 million occurrence when a set of healthy triplet heifers were born on his Waunakee dairy just over one week ago.

Triplets at Kyle Rauls' Dairy

Triplets at one week of age

Kyle grew up in a farming family and has been at his current location since December of 2010. He milks 350 cows, and the cow that was able to give him triplets came from a local GMS® herd he purchased to grow his numbers from Al Kalscheuer (Waunakee).

The cow, a 29HO9436 FREDERICK daughter, is a twin herself. Now in her fourth lactation, her three bouncing baby heifer calves are sired by ABS young sire 29HO14976 FRANCHISE.

Kyle and his family work with ABS Representative Travis Chapman to achieve high reproductive performance.  Since February 2008, they have focused on using elite sire genetics through the ABS Cooperating Field Trial Network providing ABS Research with valuable, accurate data and results.

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