Grads for Long Life, Profitable Cows

Looking for sires with the ability to make cows built to last and suitable for any environment? Look no further than these two August grads!

29HO13621 Windsor-Manor ZOLTAN*TV*TY
ZOLTAN is yet another descendant of the illustrious brood cow, Rudolph Zip in the ABS program. This family needs no introduction as females and males have been in high demand for many years from this family all over the world.

Pedigree Information
Sire:            Ocean-View Zenith-TW-ET
Dam:          Windsor-Manor Z Orchid-ET VG-86 DOM
3-0  2x  365d  29190M  3.9%  1132F  3.3%  966P
2nd Dam:     Windsor-Manor Rudolph Zip Ex-94 EEEEE GMD DOM 203,770M Lifetime    4-7  2x  365d  39230M  3.8%  1490F  3.1%  1224P
3rd Dam:     Windsor-Manor Jolt Zippy Ex-90 194,060M Lifetime
7-7  2x  361d  34090M  3.7%  1255F  2.9%  987P
4th Dam:     Windsor-Manor Che Zipper-ET GP-83 VG-MS 167,380M Lifetime
5-3  2x  365d  36410M  3.1%  1127F  2.8%  1029P
5th Dam:    Windsor-Manor Star Zara Ex-91 GMD DOM 204,030M
Lifetime     6-1  2x  365d  41590M  3.5%  1453F  3.2%  1315P
6th Dam:    Windsor-Manor Melvin Zebra VG-85
7th Dam:    Del-Myr Tony Zadie VG-87
8th Dam:    Big-Sinks Jerry Zinna Addie VG-85
9th Dam:    Big-Sinks Elevation Maym Zinna EX-90 2E GMD
241,760M Lifetime
10th Dam:   Big-Sinks Bootmaker Ariel Maym VG-85 GMD
11th Dam:   Emperor Alice Ariel VG-85 GMD

2nd Dam: Windsor-Manor Rud Zip EX-95 3E

2nd Dam: Windsor-Manor Rud Zip EX-95 3E

ZOLTAN combines three of the Holstein greats, O Man and Durham with the one and only Zip. Zip is one of the high PL cows of the breed because of her performance and longevity. Her influence continues to be seen as many family members have carried on her success with AI and international interest. The reason for this excitement is a combination of her great individuality and unique pedigree combined with her success as a brood cow.  To give a feeling for the scope of this family, at last check Rudolph Zip had 103 registered progeny in the US.  She already has 12 Excellent offspring and 21 Very Good’s. The O Man mating on Zip resulted in Z Orchid as well as Z Olive (VG-85 DOM), 29HO11961 Z Ocean, and 7HO8715 Z Officer. Orchid and Olive have both been ABS bull mothers as well with more sons on the way from Orchid by Explode.

The ZOLTAN daughters are durable cows built to compete in any environment.  The daughters are moderate sized cows with adequate width throughout. ZOLTAN daughters have well-attached, youthful udders. He will shorten teat size. The daughters tend to have a slight slope from hooks to pins. ZOLTAN will sire profitable, long-life cows through their longevity and high components. Protect for udder cleft and foot angle.

Use ZOLTAN with confidence in the milking string or heifer pens on daughters of GABE, GARRISON, BURT, HOMESTEAD, JAMMER, MAMMOTH, JANUARY, JEEVES, or BOLIVER.


29HO13769 Gillette Job*TV
La Ferme Gillette of Ontario, Canada has been known worldwide as a supplier of superior Holstein genetics.  JOB’s pedigree (Shottle x Durham X Leadman) is a who’s who of the Holstein Breed.  JOB is bred to get the job done!

Pedigree Information
Sire:            PICSTON SHOTTLE-ET
Dam:          Gillette-I Durham Jericho Ex-Can 12 *
4-05  3x  365d  57304M  4.0%  2310F  2.9%  1645P
2nd Dam:    Windemere-Masmill Jellybean EX-90-6YR GMD DOM
5-05  2x  365d  31400M  4.6%  1434F  3.5%  1102P
3rd Dam:    Maspring Darryl Janet Ex-90 (Pen-Col Darryl)
3-0  2x  365d  25950M  996F  831P
4th Dam:     Maspring Rotate Marie VG-88
5th Dam:    Maspring Tony Janice Ex-91 (Mars Tony)
6th Dam:    Janice Marie Challenger VG-85

dtr: Royolait Korelie Job VG-87, Ferme Royolait Inc., Ange Gardien, PQ

dtr: Royolait Korelie Job VG-87, Ferme Royolait Inc., Ange Gardien, PQ

JOB’s story began in Ohio, where his grand dam, Jellybean was purchased by Gillette when she was 9 years old.  She was pregnant to Durham at the time and after arriving in Canada, she calved in January 2010 with JOB’s dam, Gillette-I Durham Jericho.  JOB’s maternal line is recognized for high scoring, high producing dams that transmit.  His three nearest dams are all excellent and are extremely high producing cows for many lactations.  Jericho has proven to be quite the brood cow with an Ex-93-2E Freelance, Ex-92-2E Allen, Ex-90 Buckeye, VG-86 Shottle, and VG-85 Goldwyn to date, with many more daughters to come. Well-known Goldwyn brothers to JOB and former #1 and #7 LPI bulls Jordan and Jerrick are the result of split embryos at Semex.  Luckily, JOB has tested negative to Brachyspina, with much of his family carrying the newly recognized recessive.

dtr: Beckelea Shelia Job VG-85, Glenn McKay, Monkland, ON, Canada

dtr: Beckelea Shelia Job VG-85, Glenn McKay, Monkland, ON, Canada

Daughters of JOB are well refined and dairy individuals with a cleaner and flatter bone structure.  The daughters have a great will to produce in any commercial environment.  They have shallow udders with strong fore udders attachments.  Also, they have very strong clefts with centrally placed teats.  The daughters are average in size and scale and have adequate width and depth throughout.  They show correct slope to their rump structures.  Moreover, they track well on their feet and legs and show some set to the leg.  Use JOB on stronger and broader cows that are straighter in the leg.

JOB will best fit daughters of BOLIVER, BURT, DUNDEE, GENEVA, GOLDROY, Goldwyn, Stormatic, and ROY.

Stay tuned for more information on the August graduate lineup!

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