Graduates That Put Milk in the Tank

If putting more milk in the tanks is a priority, look to the next three August 2011 graduates for outstanding production.

29HO13718 Armson RODRIGO*TV*TY
An ABS Sexation® exclusive sire, RODRIGO is the answer for dairy producers looking for a rock solid bull with high production. Daughters will increase daily milk weights along with higher fat and protein levels, and calve easily (DCE).

Sire: Jenny-Lou Mrshl Toystory-ET
Dam: Armson O-man H Rose GP-84 ++V+V DOM
2-00  2x  365d  33,070M  3.7%  1217F  3.3%  1083P
2nd Dam: Armson Jasper Haillee 2E-91 EEEEE GMD DOM
6-11  2x  365d  37,980M  4.6%  1754F  3.3%  1241P
Lifetime:  2403d  218,410M  4.6%  10067F  3.3%  7238P
3rd Dam: Armson Wade Hannah
4-03  2x  305d  25,640M  3.8%  976F  3.3%  858P

Idsinga Rodrigo 3846, Bill Idsinga, Kerman, CA

Idsinga Rodrigo 3846, Bill Idsinga, Kerman, CA

RODRIGO’s family has been bred & developed by the Milligan Family of Armson Farms in Western NY for several generations. The family of RODRIGO follows true to the breeding program of the farm….high production and functional type. ABS became interested in the family upon learning that RODRIGO’s dam, Rose was due to Toystory as a virgin heifer and a was backed by a different maternal sire stack of Jasper x Wade x Touch. Rose calved in with RODRIGO and went right to work making a great 2 year old record. Rose was your typical Oman being medium size with more substance of bone, great feet/legs and well attached udder.

RODRIGO provides a balanced blend of strength and dairyness in a package built for the parlor. These moderate sized cows are wide as they are deep, while retaining a clean bone and plenty of angularity. Early tests show these cows will be high producers in both weight and components. Rear udder attachments are high and wide with an average cleft, and a lower udder floor. RODRIGOs track straight with set to their hock and exceptional foot angle.


29HO13665  Balmoral Altima*TV*TY
If you’re looking for a way to boost your herd’s productivity, ALTIMA is the answer.  With a pedigree like Encino x O Man x Durham x Jolt, it’s no surprise why ALTIMA will put you in the fast lane. Not only will he get your cows pregnant, he will sire high component milk in extremely large quantities.

Sire:  BDGGenetics Encino-ET
Dam: Balmoral Oman Adora-ET VG-85
3-03  2x  357d  27010M  4.5%  1210F  3.3%  896P
2nd Dam: Balmoral AJs Acclaim-ET EX-90 DOM
4-02  2x  365d  31910M  3.7%  1193F  3.1%  1002P
3rd Dam: Balmoral Jolt A J EX-94 2E
3-06  3x  365d  36270M  3.4%  1247F  3.0%  1078P
4th Dam: Balmoral Romeo Abilene VG-85
3-03  2x  365  27240M  1054F  861P
5th Dam: Balmoral Steady Abby VG-85

Koetsier Altima 3762 GP-81, Jake and Jay Koetsier, Tulare, CA

Koetsier Altima 3762 GP-81, Jake and Jay Koetsier, Tulare, CA

The cow family behind ALTIMA first started generating interest from sire analysts with the 94 point Jolt daughter AJ.  She drew  worldwide interest for being one of the earliest and highest scoring Jolt daughters in the world. She continued to develop from her 1st score as an 89-point 3-year old to Ex-94 2E as a 6-year old. She had 5 offspring classified with the lowest being a VG-85 bull and the highest being an EX-94 Durham daughter that earned the DOM designation. Multiple sons have entered studs over the years from this family with ABS sampling two. The grand dam of ALTIMA is one of two excellent Durham full sisters. ALTIMA’s O Man dam was never flushed but Adora’s full sister Altann developed nicely into a VG-88 DOM and sold embryos overseas. It is still early in this family’s story from a bull perspective but if ALTIMA is any indication, good things are still to come.

Tall and open is a great place to start when describing the ALTIMA daughters. They are deep, open-ribbed kind of cows which translates over to high scores in dairy form and big milk production. Large volumes of milk flow easily from the shallow uddered daughters of ALTIMA. The ALTIMA daughters move easily around commercial environments on sound feet and legs with steep foot angles.

ALTIMA should work well on SHOTTLE, Goldwyn, and Ramos bloodlines. He will be a good mating on daughters of JEEVES, ASHMORE, BOLIVER, BURT, JAMMER, HOMESTEAD, JUNIPER, MATSON, and PENNYMAKER.

29HO13706 Latuch ORIENT-ET*TV*TY
Latuch Brothers Farms are located in the rolling hills of southwestern Pennsylvania just outside of Pittsburgh. Now a 3rd generation dairy farm, Roger and Dave Latuch have developed a wonderful herd of cows with the majority tracing back to one cow, Latuch Ivanhoe Laura Star EX-92 5E GMD.

Dam:           Latuch BOLIVER Olivia-ET VG-85
1-11  2x  365d  26270M  4.2%  1115F  3.4%  885P
2nd Dam:     Latuch Page-ET VG-88 Ex-MS DOM
2-0  2x  365d  27969M  3.7%  1036F  3.2%  901P
3rd Dam:     Latuch Patron Penny-ET EX-90 2E Ex-MS GMD DOM
5-03  2x  365d  32720M  3.9%  1291F  3.4%  1102P
4th Dam:      Latuch Leadman Hannah-ET EX-90 2E Ex-MS GMD DOM
5-05  2x  365d  33900M  3.6%  1231F  3.4%  1152P
5th Dam:      Latuch Ned Boy Luka VG-86 GMD DOM
3-02  2x  365d  26410M  3.2%  843F  3.4%  886P
6th Dam:      Latuch Elevation Pete Lonnie VG-87
7th Dam:     Latuch Wayne Springs Laura EX-91
8th Dam      Latuch Ivanhoe Laura Star EX-92 5E GMD

The maternal side of ORIENT’s pedigree has consistently made bull mothers that last and make nice protein records from great udders. The cows have matured nicely and turn into powerful individuals that like to go to work every day. ORIENT’s dam had a short-lived career and she was never flushed – in fact, ORIENT is her only offspring. His grand dam Latuch Page (BW Marshal) and 3rd dam Latuch Patron Penny have had numerous sons sampled at ABS in addition to an EX-91 Titanic sister to ORIENT’s dam. Eight sons of these three cows have been sampled. You will continue to see more young bulls coming from this maternal line including a GARRETT son standing at ABS over 2400 GTPI!

Koetsier Orient 3940, Jack & Jay Koetsier, Tulare, CA

Koetsier Orient 3940, Jake & Jay Koetsier, Tulare, CA

As moderate sized, balanced, problem-free cows, ORIENT daughters blend into any commercial setting with their trouble-free udders. ORIENT daughters are high and wide in the rear udder attachment, with a well defined cleft, and smooth blending fore udder. They carry their udder high above their hocks without sacrificing an ounce in the parlor. Daughters are clean boned and dairy, though protect them for strength as they could use more width of chest and depth of heart. ORIENTs track straight with a correct foot angle and straighter set to the hock.

ORIENT’s pedigree of JET STREAM x BOLIVER x BW Marshal x Patron x Leadman is definitely an outcross mating for many of the SHOTTLE, Goldwyn, Ramos, and Outside bloodlines abundant today in the breed. However with many common bulls in the pedigree including Manfred, pay special attention to avoid daughters of O Man, Toystory, and Buckeye. ORIENT should cross well on daughters of BOULDER, MAMMOTH, JEEVES, ASHMORE, BURT, GABE, GARRISON, GENEVA, GOLDROY, GRANDVIEW, HOMESTEAD, JAMMER, JANUARY, JULY, JUNIPER, LACOBRA, MATSON, PENNYMAKER, REECE, and TENNYSON.

Stay tuned for more information on the August 2011 ABS Graduates!

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