The “Type” of August Graduates for YOU!

ABS Global welcomes 29HO12646 BOSSMAN, 29HO13723 GAMEDAY and 29HO13599 KAIMURAT to the active lineup following the August 2011 sire summary run. These three sires will bring the style and scores that high type breeding programs are looking for! To view complete proof information, click on the full name of the bull.

29HO12646 Bassingthorpe BOSSMAN-ET
Sire:  Braedale Goldwyn
Dam:  Morsan Stormatic Brenda VG87 3* 50tonnes
3x 305d 13549kgs 3.60%F 483kgs  3.30%P 443kgs
MGD:  Miss Durham Brenda EX90 3* 60tonnes
3x 305d 17011kgs 3.40%F 584kgs 3.10%P 523kgs
3D:      Dixie-Lee Bette EX90 45tonnes
2x 305d 12814kgs 4.10%F 521kgs 3.00%P 390kgs
4D:      Prices Melwood Betsy EX91 50tonnes
5D:      Prices Valiants Bess EX91 45tonnes
6D:      Viethsons Bootpeg Bell Bess VG86 55tonnes
7D:      Holtex Elevation Bootpeg EX90 3E 65tonnes
8D:      Holtex Triune S Peggy EX91 75tonnes
9D:      Holtex Sensational Peggy EX93 5E 80tonnes
10D:   Holtex Duke Peggy VG86 110tonnes

Harras Bossman Hebe

Harras Bossman Hebe

Ten generations of VG or EX back BOSSMAN and they are building a strong reputation for posting high lifetime yields.  This family is no stranger to the bull breeding world either, with Rotheneuf, Billion, Juniper Park and Bellman originating from this line, but the most exciting graduate has to be Mtoto, noted worldwide for his type, production and management traits.

Knowlesmere Bossman Bangle VG-86

Knowlesmere Bossman Bangle VG-86

BOSSMAN daughters are the talk of the town.  Currently averaging 86% Good plus or better, he represents some of the highest daughter scores we have seen in the UK.  Legs and feet are excellent, with beautiful bone and incredibly clean locomotion, and udders are welded on with deep veination dripped on to stunning fore udders.  They have balanced frame with good width through the rump and front end, and importantly display these traits consistently up and down the country.

BOSSMAN will work well on milking daughters of SHOTTLE, JEEVES, BOLIVER, BOLTON and REECE.


GAMEDAY is a Rock Solid bull for producers wanting type and great cow families in their service sires.  GAMEDAY daughters are great looking cattle that will attract attention in any barnyard or freestall.

Sire:   R-E-W Buckeye-ET
Dam:  Brigeen Titanic Gigi-ET VG-86 VV+VV
2-01 2x 365d 28,310M 3.1%  870F 3.2% 918P
2nd Dam: Brigeen Outside Gigi 2E-90 EEEEE GMD DOM
4-08 2x 365d 60,160M 4.2% 2522F 2.9% 1766P
Life: 1578d 167,080M 4.0%  6600F 3.0% 4949P
3rd Dam: Brigeen Aer Gwyneth 2E-93 EEEEE GMD DOM
6-05 2x 365d 48,150M 3.3% 1576F 2.7% 1280P
Life:  2094d  219,870M  3.3%  7288F 2.7% 5957P
4th Dam: Brigeen Integrity Gwen-ET VG-86 VEV+V GMD
3-07 2x 365d 39,520M 3.8% 1518F 2.6% 1027P
Life:  1478d  122,980M  3.6%  4368F  2.7% 3303P
5th Dam:  Roylane Leadman Glory-ET VG-89 EEVVE GMD DOM
2-00  2x  365d 30,880M 3.6% 1127F 2.9% 893P
6th Dam: Western-Cascade Mark Bella EX-91 EEEV GMD DOM
3-06 2x 365d 36,360M 3.7% 1354F 2.8% 1022P
7th Dam: Western-Cascade Bell Glory 2E-90 VEEV GMD DOM
7-10 2x 305d 34,840M 3.3% 1155F 2.8% 971P

Vanderham Gameday 1510-Grade GP-83

Vanderham Gameday 1510-Grade GP-83

GAMEDAY is from a family that touches both coastlines of the United States.  The family started in the state of Washington, including the herd of ABS legend, ROY.  The family came east to the state of Maine when Steve & Mary Briggs of Brigeen Farms selected Leadman Glory at the 1994 National Convention Sale in WA.  Glory proved to be a tremendous brood cow as several females producing over 50,000 of milk trace back to her.  The grand dam of GAMEDAY, Gigi was a tremendously impressive cow scoring 2E-90 with a top record of over 60,000 of milk with 4.2% fat.  She has 5 VG or EX daughters and is the dam of 29HO11943 GENEVA.  The full sister to GENEVA was acquired by Marc Wolff of R-E-W Farm in CT as a heifer.  After calving with GAMEDAY, she scored VG-86 a month later. GAMEDAY has a VG-86 maternal sister by Goldwyn.

GAMEDAY daughters grab you with their stylish silhouettes, length of frame, and uphill stance.  They have a tremendous amount of openness and depth in their rear rib and level, wide rumps.  GAMEDAY transmits off the charts deep rear udder creases with plenty of height and width.  Use this bull to add needed flex to the rear leg while having a solid depth of heel.  Keep in mind GAMEDAY does this all without direct influence from SHOTTLE, Goldwyn, or Dellia.


29HO13599 Cascina Giobbi KAIMURAT
Sire:  Braedale GOLDWYN  TL TV
Dam:  Cascina Giobbi Gemona VG86
2-05  305days  10811kgs  3.73%F  403kgs  3.43%P  371kgs
2nd Dam: Cascina Giobbi Vittoria EX 10 Lactations
7-10  305days  14486kgs  3.81%F  552kgs  3.13%P  453kgs
3rd Dam:  Cascina Giobbi Piccola VG86
4-01  305days  13809kgs  3.50%F  348kgs  3.30%P  459kgs

Kaimurat Uaima

Kaimurat Uaima

KAIMURAT has an intoxicating pedigree blending a tremendous cow family with a strong sire stack. He was designed to deliver long life, profitable cows, and he is achieving this beautifully.  The matriarch of the line is the tremendous Juror daughter, still plying her trade in her tenth lactation and despite never flushing has left three high ranking daughters, including the VG-88 Aaron dam of ZELGADIS as well as the VG-86 Merchant dam of KAIMURAT.

Gemona was an incredible young cow that dripped quality and oozed style.  Exhibiting a perfect leg set and a beautifully shaped udder, she was certainly a cow that all breeders dream to have in their herd!

Kaimurat Ulna

Kaimurat Ulna

KAIMURAT daughters are tall and very stylish cows, and have length right through, especially through the rump which also has the perfect angle and good width.  Fore udders are strongly attached and well blended into the body, while rear udders are simply awesome, with very strong ligaments and super clean texture.  Daughters have style and class, and bone quality is exquisite.

KAIMURAT will work will on daughters of REECE, SHOTTLE, JEEVES, ALTON, PIPPEN, BURT, MORRIE, GRANDVIEW, JAMMER and GARRISON.  He will also cross well on Ford and Jocko blood.

Stay tuned for more exciting ABS graduates!


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