ABS Global Spring Tour – Day 3

Double A Dairy

Double A Dairy

Day three of the ABS Global Spring Dairy Tour kicked off with a tour of Double A Dairy and the opportunity to view the calving and milking facilities. Double A is owned by Ron and Don Aardema, and managed by John and Jordan Anderson. The dairy is home to 12,500 lactating animals, and just one of the Aardema facilities. The Aardema facilities in their capacity include a total of 26,000 dairy cows.

One of the Double A Parlors

One of the Double A Parlors

The Double A herd is milked three times a day, with a RHA of nearly 25,000 lbs milk and an SCC at 150,000. The dairy employs 140 people, and includes 2500 acres of cropland. Cows are milked in four different double-50 parallel parlors.

JEVON Daughters

29JE3346 JEVON Daughters

The group also had the opportunity to visit Aardema Dairy #2, which is home to 2500 Jersey cows. Owned by Don Sr., Ron and Don Aardema and managed by Jordan Leak. Jordan also manages the 13,500 cows on the 6 other dairy operations. We met Marco Hernandez who runs Dairy #2 which also includes 12 other full time employees. Cows on Dairy 2 are housed on open lots and milked in a double-24 parallel parlor.

Located in South Central Idaho, Aardema Dairies began working with ABS eight years ago. Their primary goal was to use ABS A.I. Technicians for service, and the partnership has since grown to a full-cooperator herd. Double A and Aardema Dairies have been utilizing the ABS youngsire program for five years, and the results speak for themselves in an outstanding group of daughters!

29HO11605 GABE Daughters

29HO11605 GABE Daughters

The ABS tour group extends a huge thank you to the Aardema crew for their knowledge and hospitality throughout the day Wednesday. For additional daughter photos, check out the ABS Facebook album from the week in Idaho!

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