ABS Global Spring Tour – Day 2

Day two in Idaho kicked off with a visit to Millenkamp Cattle, Inc., an exceptional calf raising facility established in 1997. Thank you to the Millenkamps for hosting our group!

Next the group had the opportunity to visit Bettencourt Dairy #3, which includes 3900 first lactation animals milking 80#/day. The operation is owned by Luis and Sharon Bettencourt and managed by Jeff Ackerman, and includes 25 full time employees and 9000 acres.

Bettencourt Dairy #3

Bettencourt Dairy #3

The third stop of the day included Double B Dairy LLC of Murtaugh, Idaho. This was an outstanding opportunity to view some ABS daughters, which are pictured below. Double B is owned and operated by Luis Bettencourt, Mariano Del Cid, Joe Brazil, Rick Onaindia, and Jeff Ackerman. The facility is home to an additional 9800 cows with an average of almost 80 lbs of milk/cow per day. Cows are milked in two double 50 parallel parlors.

L to R (first 3 cows): Goldenboy, Fair, Magnetism

L to R (first 3 cows): Goldenboy, Fair, Magnetism

The final stop of day two included Dry Creek Dairy, a 13,200-cow operation managed by Joe Brazil (also owned by the Bettencourts). Dry Creek runs cows through two double 70 parlors, and ships 1.15 million lbs of milk on average per day. We thank the Bettencourt family for allowing us to tour their operations!

Dry Creek Dairy

Dry Creek Dairy

Stay tuned for day three tour stops!


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