2011 ABS Global Spring Tour

The 2011 ABS Global Spring Tour kicked off today as buses departed from Salt Lake City, Utah. Over 60 participants from the UK, Ireland, Mexico, and North America represent this year’s tour group, which started the day at East Valley Cattle Company, LLC, of Malta, Idaho.

East Valley Cattle Company, LLC

East Valley Cattle Company, LLC

East Valley Cattle Company, LLC is owned by Bill and Susie Millenkamp and Luis Bettencourt. Thank you to East Valley for hosting our group on day one of the tour!

Next the group headed to Whitesides Dairy of Rupert, Idaho. Amidst a dust storm, visitors had the opportunity to view several offspring from a GMS herd that has been on the ABS GMS program for over 5 years. Daughters of Langdon, Jammer, and Alton were a few highlights in a long line of outstanding uddered young cows.

Whitesides is owned and operated by Brandon and Steve Whitesides, who milk 6500 cows and have a rolling herd average of almost 27,000 lbs milk without the use of BST. They raise all of their youngstock, and the farm employs over 110 people. Cows are milked in three different parlors – two double 36, and one double 24. The Whitesides also grow the majority of their crops.

Thank you to Brandon and Steve for hosting the group on a very windy day!

Stay tuned for day two of the spring tour, with additional photos of all stops to be posted on Facebook by the end of the week!

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