ALOU – Delivering Show Winning Type

94HO13456 Butz-Butler Durham ALOU – An April 2011 Release from the Judge’s Choice Program

94HO13456 Butz-Butler Durham ALOU

94HO13456 Butz-Butler Durham ALOU

ALOU is a Durham son from one of the greatest cows in North America, Stormatic Angel Ex-95. Angel is one of four full sisters that were nominated All-American in 2010, a first in the business. These four full sisters are out of Tri-Day Ashlyn, EX-96 and All-Time All-American 4 Yr Old, making the maternal line behind ALOU one of the greatest in the industry.

Pedigree Information
Sire: Regancrest Elton Durham  CV
Dam: EO Siemers Ashlyns Angel  Ex-95
4-3  365d  41,365M  4.2%   1749F   3.1%  1277P
HHM All-American Aged Cow 2010
HM All-Canadian Aged Cow 2010
Nominated All-American 4 Year Old 2008
Reserve All-American Sr 2 Year Old 2006
Unanimous All-American Winter Yearling 2005
MGD: Tri-Day Ashlyn  Ex 96  2E DOM GMD
4-9  365d  43,089M  4.8%  2079F   3.5%   1504P
All Time All American 4 year old cow
All American and All-Canadian  4 Year Old Cow 2001
Supreme Champion WDE 2001
3rd Dam: Bendy-Brook Odyssey Favorite  Ex-92

Dam’s Full Sisters:
Kingsmill Ashlyns Audrey-ET  VG-89 2 YO
Nominated All-American Jr 2 Year Old 2010
Ernest-Anthony Aphrodite-ET  Ex-95
Nominated All American 125,000 LB Cow 2010
EK-Oseeana Ambrosia-ET  Ex-95
Nominated All American Aged Cow 2010

EO Siemers Ashlyns Angel EX-95 2E GMD

Dam: EO Siemers Ashlyns Angel EX-95 2E GMD

Ashlyn is known around the world as one of the greatest brood cows ever.  She has 31 Excellent offspring, including three daughters that are Ex-95, and 34 offspring that are VG. Ashlyn genetics are known as powerful, stylish animals with great width and power. The combination of Durham and Stormatic on Ashlyn is a great combination of power, style and dairyness.

WV-Oakwood Alou Elva-Grade GP-84, Oakwood Farm, Charles Town, WV

Daughter: WV-Oakwood Alou Elva-Grade GP-84, Oakwood Farm, Charles Town, WV

ALOU daughters are big, stylish young cows with tremendous style and balance. They are wide in the rump and walk on exceptional feet and legs with great foot angle and width at the hock allowing them to track very well.  The udders on his daughters are long and well attached with good width. These powerful, stylish cattle look a great deal like Angel did as a young cow and will get better with age. They are also built to last for many lactations. We believe he has the ability to make a great show animal as well.

Hillmont Alou Paige VG-86, Luther Hillegass, Berlin, PA

Hillmont Alou Paige VG-86, Luther Hillegass, Berlin, PA

ALOU is a great cross on daughters and granddaughters of Goldwyn.  He will also work very well on ROY daughters and would be a fun mating on the AFTERSHOCK and DESTRY*RC heifers in the heifer pens as he is a great CE sire.

For complete ALOU proof information, visit the ABS website.

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