AWA Actives and Alumni Visit Dekorra

Past and present members of the Association of Women in Agriculture met on Tuesday evening, April 26, at ABS’ Dekorra facility and the historic barn. The purpose of AWA is to help members prepare for a career in agriculture and agricultural related fields; to aid women in agriculture in achieving their goals, to improve communication among women in agriculture and for the general betterment of agriculture. Over 25 ladies were in Dekorra for this networking opportunity, and below are a few photos to highlight the event. ABS employee Vern Meier was also on hand to give tours of the rearing facilities and collection area.

AWA Actives and Alumni
ABS purchased 240 acres located 15 miles north of ABS Global headquarters in DeForest in July 2007. Over the next three years, three barns were built on the property to house a total of 240 dairy and beef sires and an additional barn is planned for the future. An EU barn was completed in Fall 2008.All of the ladies in attendance had the opportunity to view the historic barn and ABS collectibles acquired over the years, as well as share a few laughs!

AWA is a professional, service and social student organization affiliated with the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences (CALS).

Thanks to Kylene Anderson, a member of the ABS team for coordinating this event! It was a fantastic opportunity to speak with AWA ladies from the Madison area.

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