Are you “SHOUT”ing for More SHOTTLE?

29HO13387 Ladys-Manor Ruby D SHOUT-ET, A Bull Report by Mitch Amundson

29HO13387 Ladys-Manor Ruby D SHOUT-ET VG-85

29HO13387 Ladys-Manor Ruby D SHOUT-ET VG-85

SHOTTLE x DEBUT x Rudolph x Geoffry x Blackstar x Cleitus x Jemini x Astronaut is a pedigree responsible for now 8 generations of bull dams from the Ladys-Manor herd in Maryland.  SHOUT is the latest edition to the story the Ruby Jen Family is writing in Holstein history books.

Pedigree Information
Dam: Ladys-Manor Ruby D-ET EX-90 EEVVE GMD DOM
Best Record:    4-10  2x  365d  39790M  5.3%  2127F  3.4%  1341P
2nd Dam: Ladys-Manor Ruby Jen EX-94 2E EEEVE GMD DOM
Best Record:    4-02  2x  365d  46920M  4.6%  2141F  3.0%  1425P
3rd Dam: Ladys-Manor Temp Jeana-ET VG-87 +EVVV
Best Record:  2-01  2x  365d  26850M  4.5%  1209F  3.1%  838P
4th Dam: Ladys-Manor Temptress Jem EX-91 VEEEV GMD DOM
Best Record: 3-02  2x  365d  34450M  4.7%  1602F  3.1%  1051P
5th Dam: Ladys-Manor Top Gun Jemini-ET EX-93 3E EEEEE GMD DOM
Best Record:  3-11  2x  365d  36080M  3.5%  1246F  3.1%  1106P
6th Dam: Ladys-Manor Delightful Jem VG-88 VVEV GMD DOM
Best Record:  6-02  2x  365d  31890M  4.1%  1314F  2.9%  933P
7th Dam: Ladys-Manor Donnas Delight VG-85
Best Record:  8-09  2x  365d  30780M  3.7%  1141F  3.0%  911P
8th Dam: Ladys-Manor Nancy Archie EX-90

True-Blue Shout 1952 VG-86, Gerald & Kevin Ihm, Barneveld, WI

True-Blue Shout 1952 VG-86, Gerald & Kevin Ihm, Barneveld, WI

The Ruby Jen family has been responsible for such production bulls as AltaWildman, AltaAugusta, Auden, Winchester, Warrior, 29HO11019 ROANOKE, 29HO12073 WESTMINSTER, and Marbach (Germany).  Not to mention, SHOUT’s full sister Ruby D Shawn VG-87 2yr, is the dam of the once highest genomic-tested female at +2530 GTPI (Feb 2010) and has sent multiple sons to ABS.  You can only imagine how much excitement is once again building around this cow family!  Tim Abbott’s mating of Rickland Mandel DEBUT on the great Rudolph has proven to be instrumental for the Smith Family with results like the two SHOTTLE daughters scoring 86 & 87 as 2 yr olds and the three Goldwyn sisters all scoring 85, 86, & 87!  29HO13460 DODGE (Goldwyn) is a family member in the active lineup at ABS as well.  The maternal side of SHOUT’s pedigree is consistently stylish, balanced, dairy, open individuals with great udders.  The cows have matured slowly and turn into powerful, deep bodied cows that produce incredibly and last for generations.

Ladys-Manor Shout Francine GP-80

Ladys-Manor Shout Francine GP-80

SHOUT daughters have made a great impression as far as having very youthful and well attached udders.  Their udders have plenty of veination and quality about them with centrally placed teats.  Their frames have plenty of style with some strength.  They are tall, long, deep, and dairy individuals.  They have excellent mobility as they track well from the rear and stand on a straighter leg with a steep foot angle.  Their rumps have correct slope with plenty of width throughout.

SHOUT will work well in heifer lots on daughters of BOLIVER, DIE-HARD, DUNDEE, GARRISON, HOMESTEAD, JAMMER, JEEVES, JUNIPER, MEGA-MAN, REECE, SANDY, Laudan, Michael, and he should be a great mating on O Man bloodlines.

For complete proof information on SHOUT, visit his page on the ABS website.

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