Highlights on April 2011 Graduate 29HO13664 LEVI

A Bull Report from Sire Analyst Paul Trapp

29HO13664 LEVI

29HO13664 Morningview LEVI

LEVI hails from the legendary family…the Lead Mae’s! Look below and you will see that LEVI is backed by 10 generations of VG and EX cows with multiple cows over 100,000 lifetime. LEVI is one of the first active Buckeye sons available in the industry and ranks extremely well on the TPI List.

Sire: R-E-W Buckeye-ET
Dam: Morninview Oman Libby-ET VG-86 DOM
Lifetime:  1465d  119480M  4.5%  5422F  3.5%  4193P
MGD: Crockett-Acres Drhm Mae-ET VG-87 GMD DOM
2-04  3X  365d  29760M  4.3%  1294F  3.3%  970P
3rd Dam: Wauregen Maebell-ET EX-91 2E @ 6-00 GMD DOM
2-06  3X  365d  36440M  4.1%  1493F  3.4%  1237P
4th Dam: Whitter-Farms Lead Mae-ET EX-95 3E @ 9-00 GMD DOM
Lifetime:  1613d  126960M  4.3%  5473F  3.4%  4356P
5th Dam:  Raymau Bstar Monica-ET VG-89 @ 2-04 DOM
6th Dam: Juniper Jason Maria VG-87 DOM
7th Dam: JDM-Pride Valiant Maggie EX-91 @ 7-5 GMD DOM
Lifetime:  1666d  119920M  4.2%  5002F  3.4%  4054P
8th Dam: La-Ko-Land Penstate Sadie VG-87 GMD DOM
Lifetime:   2480d  166090M  3.5%  5732F  3.0%  2685P
9th Dam: La-Ko-Land Bootmaker Sally VG-86
Lifetime: 1725d  105370M  3.8%  3994F
10th Dam: La-Ko-Land Monitor Nancy EX-90 @ 9-04
Lifetime:   2381d  146490M  3.0%  4442F

Keefer Levi 2318-Grade, Robert Keefer, Shippensburg, PA

Keefer Levi 2318-Grade, Robert Keefer, Shippensburg, PA

LEVI was the natural calf when Oman Libby calved as a two year old. His sire – Buckeye (BWM x Rudolph) is still a low calving ease bull with solid health traits and very good production today. According to Holstein USA, LEVI has a VG-87 Zenith sister and EX SHOTTLE sister who is contracted to ABS. Durham Mae has the following scored daughters: Morty (86, 88, 92), Champion (92), Finley (90), O-Man (85, 86, 88), Marmax (88) and Sosa (85). Durham Mae has VG maternal sisters by CONVINCER, Emerson, BWM (2), Lheros, Durham and one EX sister sired by Igniter. Lead Mae was a tremendous cow and one of the best uddered cows I have ever seen. She has EX daughters by Bellwood, Rudolph, Wade, BWM (2), Durham and Skychief plus numerous VG daughters. This family has expanded into many herds across the US like Virgil Kronberg in CA, Wallman Dairy in NB, Indianhead Holsteins in WI, Emerald Acres in WI, Stan Larson in WI, Alan Koebele in IL, Terry Stammenen in OH plus many others. The Lead Mae family has been successful in all these herds as many of these herds have sons sampled at ABS from the Lead Mae family. Active bulls at ABS from this family include 29HO11932 LEGEND – full brother to the dam of LEVI and 529HO13383 MAHOGANY. Look for the next generation of this great family as 29HO16017 MAUI is an early Super x Shottle x Finley x Drhm Mae that is over 2300 GTPI.

Malecha Levi 9140-Grade, Malecha Dairy, Villard, MN

Malecha Levi 9140-Grade, Malecha Dairy, Villard, MN

LEVI daughters are quickly noticed for their top production and consistent type pattern. They excel in mobility with legs that have an ideal set when viewed from the side and a steep foot with a deep heel. The LEVI daughters exhibit lots of bloom and capacity to their udders with high, wide rear attachments and ideal teat placement. They are moderate to small statured with a balance of dairyness and strength. They tend to have a slight slope from hooks to pins. LEVI is an ideal mating on tall, dairy cows with shallow udders.

Hollands Levi 1394-Grade, Art Dehoop, Hanford, CA

Hollands Levi 1394-Grade, Art Dehoop, Hanford, CA


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  1. wonderboer says:

    Levi is een top bull

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