ABS Graduates 16 Sires Following April Run

With the release of the April 2011 USDA Genetic Evaluations, ABS Global expands the dairy lineup with sixteen new graduates. Be sure to check back in the coming weeks for updates, daughter photos, and complete reports on these new release sires, in addition to other powerful sires in the ABS lineup!

If embracing the winner’s circle is your goal, look no further than the following high type sires now available through ABS Global.

94HO13456 ALOU – A Durham son from one of the greatest cows in North America, Stormatic Angel EX-95.  Angel is one of 4 full sisters that were nominated All-American in 2010, a first in the business.  These 4 full sisters are out of Tri-Day Ashlyn Ex 96 All-Time All-American 4 year old making the maternal line behind ALOU one of the greatest in the industry. Look for ALOU to make the show-winning kind – fancy with a deep, open-rib, and ideal feet & legs. He is also a calving ease sire. ALOU daughters are big, stylish young cows with tremendous style and balance. They are wide in the rump and walk on exceptional feet and legs with great foot angle and width at the hock allowing them to track very well.  The udders on his daughters are long and well attached with good width.  These powerful, stylish cattle look a great deal like Angel did as a young cow and will get better with age.

94HO0868 JET-RED – An exciting Red & White graduate from the Rudolph Jodie family, makes daughters with ideal rump structure and shallow, snug udders. The great Red and White cow family developed by partners Fradon Farms and Dana Erway has produced many outstanding show cows and one of the great maternal lines in the breed. JET-RED is an early son of this great family that joins the ABS line-up.  JET-RED calves have done very well in the shows and now his daughters are impressing breeders around the world with their strength, power and great udders.  His unique blend of sires and great cows offers Red and White breeders a no holes Red and White bull. JET-RED will sire a stylish animal that can go to the shows.  He will mate well with flat boned dairy cattle that need more power and strength.

94HO13578 LEWIS – LEWIS joins the ABS line-up as a graduate of the St. Jacobs PT program in Canada. This exciting Goldwyn son has been the talk of the town ever since his daughters started calving last fall. LEWIS is a Goldwyn son of the world famous million dollar cow, Lila Z. His granddam can be seen at over 15 years of age, gracing the pastures of Lylehaven Farms in Vermont this summer.  It is a family that has made solid bulls and show winning females for the past decade and now we have the best of the family! LEWIS daughters are long, stylish and dairy. They have a great flat bone and long neck with tremendous style and have that thin silky hide.  The udders are exceptional with great udder cleft, teat placement and shallow udder depth. He will add some set to the leg and needs to be used on a cow with a powerful front end, making him a perfect cross for SHOTTLE daughters.

29HO13553 STONEWALL – A logical mating brings ABS Customers the type and udders we would expect from a SHOTTLE x Durham cross.  The exciting thing about STONEWALL is that he ranks as one of our best SHOTTLE sons for DPR, SCC and PL. This is a bull that can really make the fancy kind. STONEWALL the best of both sides of his pedigree. The strength and power in the front end from SHOTTLE and the style and silkiness of the Durhams. They have great height to the rear udder. Fore udders show lots of veining with close teat placement, with extreme udder cleft. The STONEWALL daughters are real pleasing to the eye with a nice uphill run that emphasizes a great deal of style. STONEWALL should be used for improving all type and health traits.

529HO13623 X-RAY – A type specialist excelling in udders, feet & legs and overall style, X-RAY sires low somatic cell count and daughters that breed back quickly.  He is a high type Goldwyn son from the Dellia family. X-RAY daughters are stamped out to be stylish and dairy individuals with tremendous udders. Daughters will have youthful appearing udders held higher above the hocks and have strong fore udder attachments. They also have well defined creases and show plenty of veination and quality of texture to their mammary systems. Overall the daughters are moderate sized to taller individuals with a great combination of strength and dairyness.  X-RAY daughters track very well on their feet and legs, especially from the rear and have steep foot angles. The only real flaw if any is that they can show some slope to their rump angles. Use X-RAY to improve all type traits.

Making more milk in the tank, the next three graduates shine for production.

29HO13664 LEVI – LEVI hails from the legendary Lead Mae family, and is backed by 10 Generations of VG and EX cows with multiple cows over 100,000 lifetime. LEVI is one of the first active Buckeye sons available in the industry and ranks extremely well on the TPI List. LEVI daughters are quickly noticed for their top production and consistent type pattern. They excel in mobility with legs that have an ideal set when viewed from the side and a steep foot with a deep heel. The LEVI daughters exhibit lots of bloom and capacity to their udders with high, wide rear attachments and ideal teat placement. They are moderate to small statured with a balance of dairyness and strength. They tend to have a slight slope from hooks to pins. LEVI will be an ideal mating on tall, dairy cows with shallow udders.

29HO13694 MISSILE -MISSILE is backed by a deep pedigree with cows that know how to work and last in many different environments. MISSILE is one of the few JET STREAM sons available in the industry and he is backed by the “Everything but famous Kathryn cow family.” MISSLE follows in the footsteps of his sire JET STREAM as having daughters that have a great will to milk and produce. The daughters have youthful appearing udders with long and tightly attached fore udders. In addition they have very strong and deep clefts needed to make any udder last. They are sharper and dairy individuals that are average in size and scale. Moreover, they have wide and correct rump structures. They do however have some set to the leg. Use MISSLE on stronger and broader cows that are straighter in the leg.

29HO13754 SANDERSON -Dairy producers looking for higher production with calving ease and fertility will quickly find SANERSON. SANDERSON daughters avoid calving issues to enter the milking string quickly. They add milk volume and increase the component content in the tank for higher milk checks. The SANDERSON daughters are moderate sized cows with balanced frames that are built to compete in any environment. They track straight on their rear legs and tend to also be straighter in their hock when viewed from the side. SANDERSON daughters have very high and wide rear udder attachments with a strong udder cleft. Their udders tend to have plenty of capacity and can be a touch round in the fore udder attachment. Use SANDERSON on cows with extra set to their rear legs and snug fore udder attachments.

For a focus on Net Merit, the following sires will deliver the ideal management traits.

29HO13566 HOWARD – HOWARD is ABS’ first son of the great ALTON. Several producers say their ALTON daughters last forever, and it looks as though HOWARD daughters will follow in the same footsteps. HOWARD daughters are profit makers – they increase milk production while lowering SCS to qualify for milk premiums. They calve easily thus reducing time in the hospital group and breed back quickly to generate profit over multiple lactations. Clean boned, hard working and moderate sized are all phrases that easily describe the pattern that HOWARD puts forward. Daughters are long necked, open in the rear rib and very clean through the thigh. Rear udders are high, wide, and capacious enough to fit the loads of milk from this high production ALTON son. The rear legs are ideal from the side, free moving in the joints, but can be a bit shallow in the heel. HOWARD daughters truly exhibit a will to milk from a compact frame.

529HO13671 SMITTY – SMITTY has the combination of pedigree outcross and customer appeal that will be ideal for many in the dairy industry. He improves Productive Life, Daughter Pregnancy Rate and he lowers Somatic Cell Score.  In addition he sires Calving Ease and minimum Stillbirths. SMITTY daughters are hardy, modest sized cattle with great mobility that are built to perform efficiently in today’s management systems. SMITTY follows many cues from his sire, especially in frame traits. Daughters are very balanced and productive given that they are shorter in stature.  Rump angle is nearly ideal with adequate pin width. Rear legs have a slight bit of set and daughters are only moderate for heel depth. Fore udder attachments and udder floor are tight and shallow respectively but SMITTY should be used on cows with more capacious rear udders.

If the objective is for a complete, balanced package look to these new graduates.

29HO13585 BREWSKI – BREWSKI combines some of the ABS favorite sires; BURT, DIE-HARD & DUSTER. His DIE-HARD dam lived in a real world environment and climbed to the top of her group with her outstanding performance excelling in production, fertility and disease resistance. BREWSKI is a component and foot and leg specialist like his sire, BURT. BREWSKI daughters are moderate size cows with all the mobility you would expect from their sire. They track straight with a steep heel, though they are straighter through their hock. Daughters have shallow udders with a well defined cleft, and a strong fore udder attachment. Protect for strength, depth of rib, and height of pins.

529HO13462 DONALD – Eight generations of bull dams from the Ladys-Manor herd in Maryland has set the stage for the latest addition to ABS Global’s lineup including three exciting brothers, the April 2010 grad 29HO13387 SHOUT, August 2010 grad 29HO13460 DODGE and now a GARRISON son, 29HO13462 DONALD. From being one of the first GARRISON sons to be proven, DONALD leaves his mark by making tall deep bodied cows that will produce. Daughters will have long and tightly attached fore udders with centrally placed teats beneath each quarter. In addition, they have very deep and strong clefts to make an udder last for numerous lactations. DONALD daughters are taller in size and are stronger and deeper bodied with plenty of width throughout. They also have wide and correct rump structures. DONALD should be used on dairy and clean boned animals with stronger foot angles.

29HO13616 GARMAN – GARMAN is our first GARRISON son to return to active service. GARMAN is a “no holes” type of bull offering components, calving ease, fertility and longevity. GARMAN is a great choice for the profit driven dairies. GARMAN daughters have a sturdy build and milk from their strength. They are taller than average and show plenty of width and depth of body with a slight slope to their rump. This bull improves feet and legs across the board by straightening leg set and increasing foot angle. GARMAN provides functional udders that are above average for depth, have strong ligaments and central teat placement. He would best complement a cow with above average attachments.

29HO13568 MILLARD – MILLARD combines a great cow family with an impressive linear pattern and exceptional health traits. MILLARD is the next generation from the internationally respected Mary family from Dave & Sue Thompson’s, Autumn-Ridge herd in Ithaca, NY. MILLARD daughters will catch your eye whether in a tie stall, free stall or out on pasture. He will be popular for breeders focusing on elite type. In addition, the daughters will increase the component content in the milk tank along with boosting milk quality (SCS). They will calve easily and breed back quickly (DPR) to be productive cattle for multiple lactations (PL). MILLARD transmits a no-holes type pattern which starts with balanced frames that have strength and substance while also being open. MILLARD daughters show nice flex to the hock, track straight from behind, and show improved foot angle.   This bull will best complement heavy milkers that need more substance or snugger attachments.

529HO13618 MOBILE – MOBILE is our latest Rock Solid (RSG) release into our active line-up. MOBILE is a solid milk bull that increases fat & protein percents, and is a health/fitness trait specialist. The daughters will spend less time in the hospital group as they avoid calving difficulties (DCE) and mastitis issues (SCS). MOBILE daughters breed back sooner (DPR) to produce for multiple lactations (PL). MOBILE daughters are built consistently to succeed in commercial herds. They are wider than they are tall and carry their width back through their rump, although daughters tend to have higher pins. MOBILE daughters have deep, open ribs and show a will to milk. Feet and legs are this bull’s strong point as he transmits a very steep foot angle and an ideal set to the hock.

An exciting new Jersey sire that will be offered exclusively in the ABS Sexation® lineup is 529JE3563 FORBES.

529JE3563 FORBES – FORBES is bred to sire very high component test, and component yield.  His pedigree combines Maximus, one of the breed’s all-time high sires of fat test and fat pounds, with a maternal line of high protein bloodlines. FORBES daughters are the profitable kind and will succeed in a variety of environments. They are a little taller than average, but bring along a nice balance of strength and openness. His daughters have a milky look to them from their udder bloom. Rear udders are capacious and consistently high and wide. Teats are centrally placed and moderate in length. Fore udders are generally long and well-attached. FORBES daughters have a steep foot angle, flex to their hocks, and excel in overall mobility.

For more information on any of these new releases, contact your local ABS Representative or call 1-800-ABS-STUD.

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