Day 5 – Latin American GMS Reunion

A Report from Brazil by Emily Novinskie, GMS Coordinator

The fifth and final day of the 2011 GMS Latin America Reunion took us to Fazenda Anna Thalea owned by Roberto Meindert Borg of Castro, Brazil. The Borg herd is currently averaging 32 liters/cow/day (70 lbs) with a herd average of 11,540 liters (25, 388 lbs) on 315 animals comprised of Holsteins and a handful of Brown Swiss. The herd runs on both the Intensive Management and the Udder Emphasis comformation formulas with a 20% Production Index.

Roberto gave tribute to the ABS Pecplan group with their dedicated service to the farm. “There are many good bulls in the industry today. It is the service that makes me stay with ABS,” said Borg.

The group paid homage to recently deceased ABS great, 29HO8538 DIE-HARD by nominating one of his daughters at the Borg farm as one of the favorites of the week. At 58 days into her 3rd lactation, Die-Hard 1492 is milking 57 kg/day (125 lbs) (photo below).

Die-Hard 1492

Die-Hard 1492

The remainder of the day, the group met in class room finishing up educational presentations and further strategization. When all was said in done, all participants realized the value that GMS provides to the many customers around the world.

Reunion Group with Ranchinho Customers

Reunion Group with Ranchinho Customers

One Response to Day 5 – Latin American GMS Reunion

  1. Carmne Guarderas says:

    Group: I am very sorry I missed teh reunion, but I am happy to see you had the chance to learn and share knowledge, and of course, see some great cows. I am waiting for all the “hot” information.
    Until next time!!!

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