Day 4 – Latin American GMS Reunion

A Report from Brazil by Emily Novinskie, GMS Coordinator

Day four of the 2011 Latin American GMS Reunion proved to be another day of viewing exceptional GMS results.

The Chacara Condessa herd owned by Jan Noordegraaf Neto  in Arapoti Brazil, has been utilizing GMS since 1998 switching between the Udder Emphasis and Intensive Management conformation formulas while  focusing on a production emphasis of NetMerit$ at 15%.

The herd is currently milking 300 cows averaging 32 Liters/day (70lbs) and a rolling herd average of 10,400 liters (22,880 lbs). There was quite a line up of GMS results at the farm, one of the unique features was a daughter, Dam and Grandam group. (pic is left to right Firelight, Roy, Revenue)

Revenue 212 is 29HO9568 REVENUE daughter 140 days into her 5th lactation producing 36.5 Liters/Day (80 lbs).

Her daughter Roy 419 is a 29HO9023 ROY result is in her 3rd lactation still producing 35.2 Liters/Day (77 lbs) 290 days into her lactation.

Firelight 673 is 120 days into her 2nd lactation  producing 45.9 Liters/day (100 lbs). She is the offspring of  ROY 212 and 29HO13404 FIRELIGHT, an early ABS SHOTTLE son.

A sweet 29HO11153 HOMESTEAD daughter- 864 Homestead was also a favorite of the crowd. She is currently producing 33.9 Liters/Day (75 lbs) 167 days into her first lactation. (also shown in group photo below)

Homestead Daughter

Homestead Daughter

29HO11111 BOLTON daughter 671 also caught the eye of the participants. She is 270 days into her first lactation producing 39.5 Liters/day (87 lbs). (shown in photo below)

L to R: Homestead, Bolton, and Fireflight daughters

L to R: Homestead, Bolton, and Fireflight daughters

The afternoon visit was to Fazenda Fundamento owned by Armando de Paula Carvalho of Castro Brazil. Fazenda Fundamento has been utilizing ABS bulls for over 10 years, but has only recently joined the GMS family. For 3 years the herd has been run on the Intensive Management Conformation formula on a 20% NetMerit$ production emphasis.

Several examples of the ABS lineup were viewed, including a 1st lactation 29HO9023 ROY daughter 64 days in milk producing 40 kg/day (88lbs). (pictured below)

Roy Daughter

Roy Daughter

Also viewed was a 29HO10124 BOLIVER daughter 85 days into her first lactation producing 37 kg/day (81 lbs).

Stay tuned for the 5th and final day of the 2011 Latin America GMS Reunion!

One Response to Day 4 – Latin American GMS Reunion

  1. Amy VanderMark says:

    My favorite cow of the tour was the Bolton daughter at Chacara Condessa. She had so much style about her, silky hide with a beautiful, high quality udder.

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