2011 Latin American GMS Reunion

ABS Global Employee Emily Novinskie Provides Commentary from Castro, Brazil

This year’s Latin American GMS Reunion  includes approximately 25 individuals from Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay that are participating in the 2011 Latin American GMS Reunion. Day 1 (Monday) and part of Day 2 (Tuesday) was spent in the classroom updating the GMS evaluators on various aspects of the GMS program (inbreeding, Global Strategy, etc.).

Fazenda Ranchinho Herd

Fazenda Ranchinho Herd

This afternoon (day 2) we visited one farm – the Fazenda Ranchinho herd owned by Siegfried Janzen in Colonia Witmarsun, Palmeira Brazil. The herd has been on GMS since 1975 and is currently milking 154 Holsteins twice a day with a 29 liter (64 lb) per cow/day average and a  305 day/cow average of 8, 845 liters (19,500 lbs). The herd is classified with the Brazil Holstein Association, and the average classification score for the herd is 84.9. The average classification score for 1st lactation animals is 82.5.

A few highlights from the tour:

  • Dam Daughter pair-  Pazira Touchdown 7 year old producing 12,813 kg/365 (28,247 lb) Scored VG88. Daughter Soledade Bradley 4 year old producing 9,095 kg/365 (20,051 lb) – Photo below

    Dam & Daughter Pair

    Dam & Daughter Pair - Bradley (left) and Touchdown (right)

  • Top producing cow- Onai Revenue 8 year old producing 79 kg/day (174 lb)  17, 327 kg/365 (38, 199 lb)
  • High scoring cow- Rotilde Malin 5 year old EX92 producing 9737 kg/365 (21 466 lb)- out of a Red Marker
  • Risabel Exclusive 5 year old producing 8,608 kg/365 (18,977 lb) – Photo below

    Risabel Exclusive

    Risabel Exclusive

  • Quarise Frederick- 6 year old producing 11,705 kg/365 (25805 lb)

Check back for more highlights throughout the week!

One Response to 2011 Latin American GMS Reunion

  1. Helio Rezende says:

    Amy and Emily,
    It’s a big pleasure count on your support and friendship.
    We are very proud to host this important meeting that no doubt consolidate the quality of our job and leadership onde the industry.

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