29HO11614 Ked Outside JEEVES-ET – Productive Life & Health Trait Specialist

JEEVES comes from the heart of the cow family which produced the all-time ABS favorite, JUROR. The combination of extraordinary pedigree, favorable production, great type and the increasingly important management traits will make JEEVES a popular choice for producers. JEEVES sires the kind of cattle that will be profitable for several years.

Pedigree Information
Sire:  Comestar Outside
Dam:  Ked DUSTER Julienna-ET 2E-94 EEEEE GMD DOM
Best Record: 7-01 2x 365d 44030M 3.7% 1642F 3.0% 1320P
Lifetime:  1976d 177970M 3.7% 6500F 3.2% 5653P
MGD:  Ked Mark Justine VG-88 VEE+ GMD DOM
Best Record: 6-10 2x 365d 40980M 4.0% 1634F 3.0% 1242P
Lifetime:  3827d 323064M 4.1% 13311F 3.2% 10196P
3rd Dam:  Ked SEXATION Jasmine VG-86 +E+V
Best Record: 1-11 2x 365d 27280M 3.7% 1019F 2.8% 753P
Lifetime:  1568d 119380M 3.7% 4361F 2.9% 3429P
4th Dam:  Ked BOOTMAKER Jamie VG-88 VEEV
Best Record:  10-00 2x 365d  31660M 3.4% 1072F 2.7% 857P
Lifetime:  3056d 237470M 3.3% 7912F 2.7% 6495P
5th Dam:  Ked Marvex Jennifer 2E-91 EEEE DOM
Best Record:  5-11 2x 365d 30400M 3.2% 982F 2.9% 891P
6th Dam:  Ked Ref R Map Starshine 3E-90 VEEE
Best Record:  8-08 2x 362d 31340M 3.9% 1237F 3.2% 990P
Lifetime:  1990d 147580M 3.8% 5635F 3.1% 1966P

Ked Outside JEEVES-ET

Ked Outside JEEVES-ET, Bred by Keith E. Decker, Knox, PA

JEEVES is one of the last bulls to enter AI from the world renowned herd of Keith & Debbie Decker in western PA before their dispersal in 2004. The family really needs no introduction. It is safe to say that the dam of JEEVES, Julienna 2E-94 and her full sister, Juliemma 2E-92 are the best pair of full sisters by DUSTER. The grand dam Justine was a tremendous brood cow. In addition to the exceptional DUSTER daughters and her son, JUROR, she has a 90 point daughter by R HERO, two 92 point daughters by Blackstar and 91 & 90 point daughters by Emory. The family has continued to do well for their new owners following the dispersal. Additional young sires from the family will appear in ABS brochures’ for years to come.

Hoffman Jeeves 290-Grade GP-82, 3rd Lactation

Hoffman Jeeves 290-Grade GP-82, 3rd Lactation

JEEVES daughters are well balanced cattle with noticeable width and strength throughout. This width carries through to the rump with an ideal slope from hips to pins. They do show a little more flex in the hock, but do track straight with a deep heel. The daughters exhibit youthful udders, carried close to the body wall with a snug fore udder attachment. They have a strong udder cleft with a close front teat placement and correct teat length.

JEEVES should not be used in the heifer pens. He will cross well on milking daughters of BOLIVER, DIE-HARD, DUNDEE, GARRISON, PROSPECT, REECE and SHOTTLE.

For complete proof information on JEEVES, visit the ABS website!

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