Looking for Longevity and Udder Health? Check out 29HO13083 Schillview GARRETT-ET

A Bull Report from Paul Trapp, Sire Analyst

GARRETT’s extremely consistent daughters have the ideal balance of production, health traits and type rolled into one package.  GARRETT daughters will make profitable, long-lasting cows with excellent locomotion.

Pedigree Information
Sire: O-Bee Manfred Justice EX-94
Dam: Schillview Mtoto Gift EX-91 @ 9-02 2E GMD DOM
Lifetime:  2215d  169400M  3.5%  5930F  3.0%  5125P (4 lactations)
MGD: Mikary Manfred Giesala VG-88 GMD DOM (5 lactations)
Lifetime:  2203d  201790M  3.5%  7161F  3.2%  6375P
3rd Dam: Mikary Mandel Glimmer – died at calving
4th Dam: Mikary Elton Gabrielle VG-85 GMD DOM
2-00  365d  31540M  4.2%  1333F  3.1%  982P
5th Dam: Prairie-Bell Glory-ET VG-88 GMD DOM
2-01  365d  31860M  4.0%  1277F  3.0%  948P

6th Dam: Hayseed Rotate Gaiety EX-90 GMD DOM
Life:  1575d  120440M  4.2%  5046F  3.3%  3921P
7th Dam: Hayseed Mars Gretchen-TW EX-94 2E GMD DOM
Life:  2157d  155300M  3.7%  5678F  3.0%  4698P (5 lactations)
8th Dam: Hayseed Cinnamon Astro Grace EX-90 GMD DOM
Life:  1533d  101350M  3.3%  3294F  3.1%  3110P (5 lactations)
9th Dam: Hayseed Acres Astro Ginger EX-90 4E
Life:  2917d  145830M  3.5%  5063F  2.9%  3465P (10 lactations)
10th Dam: Will-O-Sha Palmyra Ollie-Oc VG-86
Life:  2200d  114430M  4.0%  4610P (6 lactations)

Legacy Garrett 6195-Grade GP-80

Legacy Garrett 6195-Grade GP-80, Legacy Farms, Shell Lake, WI

As you can see from above GARRETT comes from a very deep cow family.  Mike and Karen Schiller are the breeders of GARRETT and milk about 100 cows near Freeport, MN.  ABS Rep, Tom Foss calls this herd one of the truest milk herds in his area.  GAMETIME is from this family and made the active line-up in April 2009.  Mtoto Gift is an awesome cow who is still alive and was recently bred back to calve again.  GARRETT has one VG full sister that has a JET STREAM son sampled at ABS and two DIGITAL sons who recently arrived at ABS.  His maternal sisters include: EX Finley, EX-91 Throne, 86 RC Marshall, 85, 86 & 87 Throne, 85 Freelance, 85 Potter plus EX DETRIOT & 87 DETROIT.  Gift and her sister were two of the first EX Mtoto daughters in the world and grace the ABS sign on the end of the barn.  Gift has the following sisters: 83, 85, 88, 88 & EX Mtoto, EX Garter and 87 Titanic.  Many of these cows have sons sampled at ABS.   This is a deep cow family that has performed extremely well in many different herds around the world.  2009 will be an exciting year for this cow family as many bulls from different stems of this cow family will get proofs.

Sierra View Garrett 3244-Grade GP-82

Sierra View Garrett 3244-Grade GP-82, Ken & Jeannette De Groot, Tulare, CA

The GARRETT daughters will excel in any type of operation with their consistent type pattern.  They are well balanced cows with plenty of width and strength throughout.  The GARRETT daughters exhibit youthful udders with snug fore udder attachments and ideal teat placement.  Their rear udders are high and wide with adequate udder cleft.  GARRETT daughters tend to be slightly straight in the leg with a steep foot and very deep heel.  They also have a slight slope to the rump.  The GARRETT daughters are trouble-free animals that are calving easily, breeding back quickly, while milking well!

Use GARRETT in the heifer pens or milking string on daughters of BOLTON, BOLIVER, DIE-Hard, BURT, DRAKE, GARRISON, JAMMER, JINGLES, MALIN, MANGO, PIPPEN, REECE, JET STREAM, Goldwyn, Ramos, Buckeye, Toystory and Mac.

For complete proof information, visit the ABS Global, Inc. website.

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