Another Outstanding SHOTTLE Son – 29HO13363 Coppertop DOBERMAN-ET

A Bull Report by Suzie A. Martin

29HO13363 Coppertop DOBERMAN-ET VG-86

29HO13363 Coppertop DOBERMAN-ET VG-86

DOBERMAN is one of SHOTTLE’s finest sons with milking daughters; he is a well-sampled bull that sires extreme components and pleasing management traits.  DOBERMAN is a TPI leader who is even more special because of a unique sire stack that includes several generations of calving ease and protein.  Furthermore, DOBERMAN is an unusual SHOTTLE son because his 100 milking daughters actually exceed his previous genomic estimates.  DOBERMAN’S daughter deviations for production, type and udders surpass his current PTA’s published, pushing his genomic evaluation in a positive direction.

Pedigree Information
Sire: Picston SHOTTLE-ET EX-96
Dam: Windleway Granger Dove VG-87 VEVVV
Best Record:  3-06  3x  365d  40,930M  3.6%  1479F  3.1%  1270P
Lifetime: 1389d 130,330M 3.7% 4846P 3.3 4290F
2nd Dam: Windleway Dodie Missle VG-86 VEVV+
Best Record:  4-04  2x  365d  43,000M  3.6%  1569F 3.0%  1306P
Lifetime:  1389d  136,370M            3.6%   4944F  3.2%  4363P
3rd Dam: Windleway Doe Kirby VG-85 +EVV+
Best Record:  3-04  2x  305d  31,500M  3.7%  1174F  2.9%  915P
4th Dam: Windleway Dixie Parnell EX-91 EEEEE 2E GMD DOM (5 lactations)
Lifetime: 1745d 150,070M 3.7% 5544F 2.9% 4354P
5th Dam: Windleway Donna Dazzler VG-87 VEEV+ GMD (8 lactations)
Lifetime:  2727d  208,190M  3.7%  7723F  2.8%  5931P

Double A Doberman 53478 GP-80

Double A Doberman 53478 GP-80 Owned by Ron & Don Aardema, Wendell, ID

DOBERMAN hails from the herd of Dave and Dawn Windle (Windleway Holsteins) and Craig Windle (Coppertop Holsteins) of Withee, Wisconsin.  DOBERMAN’S dam is sired by 1HO3906 J-Mor Elton Granger.  Granger now at 99% reliability is a calving ease and protein specialist.  The 2nd dam is sired by 1HO3131 Ri-Mark Aerostar Missle-ET and the 3rd dam is sired by 1HO4079 Wa-Del Star Kirby-ET.  ABS was attracted to the cow family because the cow family offered protein, CE, longevity and a unique sire stack.  DOBERMAN has 6 sisters in production and they average 84 points, ranging from 81 to 86 points.

DOBERMAN daughters have tight fore udders with average udder depth. Their rear udders are acceptable height, but pinched a bit at top. The daughters excel at putting teats under the udder and centrally located. Daughters are tall with wide front ends and level rumps. Protect DOBERMAN for feet & legs that hock in when viewed from rear.

DOBERMAN can be used in the heifer pens and will work well on the daughters of GARRISON, JET STREAM, SANDY, BOLTON, LANGDON, JAMMER, JEEVES, MEGA-MAN as well as Baxter and O-Man.

For complete proof information on Coppertop DOBERMAN-ET, visit the ABS Global website.

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