HIRED GUN – Aiming for Jersey Perfection

A Bull Report from Tim Abbott

94JE3720 Sv Jade HIRED GUN-ET

94JE3720 Sv Jade HIRED GUN-ET

HIRED GUN is the first in an exciting new series of bulls developed by Michael Heath, Heath Sires of Maryland. Sampled by Heath Sires and joining the ABS/STJ line-up with great anticipation, HIRED GUN is just what the Jersey breeders are looking for – outcross pedigree, high fat, great maternal line, high type and high numbers for productive life. He will make the kind that win the shows and last!

Pedigree Information
Sire: Giprat Belles Jade-ET
Dam: Pleasant Valley Prime Heather  Ex 96
7-5  365d  20750M  6.6%  1364F  3.8%  790P
Grand of Mid Atlantic Regional Jersey Show 2009 at 10 yrs
Reserve Intermediate Champion All American Jersey Show, 2001
MGD: Heaths Juno Heather-ET
6-5  305d  14419M  5.1%  737F  3.7%  509P
Maternal sister to:
Heaths Imperial Helen Ex 95
6-9  305d  20410M  5.4%  1100F   4.5%  914P
Reserve Grand Champion 1998 Royal Winter Fair
3rd Dam: Glenyle S J Hetty  VG 85
6-6  11360M  5.9%  671F   4.4%  501P
Grand Champion PA AA Jersey Show 1989
2nd Sr. 3 Year Old WDE 1989

FH Hired Gun Jada

FH Hired Gun Jada, Owned by FH Jerseys, Bachelor Farms, Re, Plymouth, IN

The excitement with this great family started in 1987 when Michael Heath purchased the exciting 3rd dam of HIRED GUN from Canada. The Silver Jay Hetty cow went on to have a great career for Heath and produced a very solid cow family. The family moved north just a bit to the outstanding herd of Doug and Julie Martin, Pleasant Valley Jerseys in PA. Doug and Julie have bred one of the finest herds of cattle in the world using the best genetics from several different countries. Heather, the Dam of HIRED GUN, was bred by the Martins and sold to Heath. She went on to have a great career with huge production, great butterfat and a long string of show championships. She scored Ex-96 as a 10 year old cow! She and grandam Hetty both lived to produce at over 10 years of age and the famous show champion Imperial Helen Ex-95 is from this family.

Those looking to breed their next Excellent, and those wanting to infuse some new and useful genes into their commercial herds should pull the trigger on HIRED GUN. This well proven and ultra consistent bull transmits a no-holes type pattern with outstanding udders, frames, and mobility. HIRED GUN is the ultimate udder improver by stamping on shallow udders with extremely tight fore udders and very high and wide rear udders. Along with plenty of veining, their udder clefts are adequate with close teat placement. These daughters possess the ideal blend of size, strength, and openness to their frames. HIRED GUN will add style and rump width, but should be protected for raising the pins some. Daughters will improve with age as they have an ideal leg set and steep foot. This supports his ranking toward the top of the breed for PL and DPR. Large gains will be seen when using this bull on dairy cows needing type improvement—particularly udders.

HIRED GUN will cross well on daughters of IATOLA, REMAKE, HALLMARK, VINDICATION, Action, Avery Connection, Sambo and Centurion.

For complete proof information, visit the ABS Global website.

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