FAIR – A Prominent ABS Goldwyn Grad

A Bull Report from Sire Analyst Paul Trapp

Deters Fair 4076-Grade VG-85

Deters Fair 4076-Grade VG-85, Deters Dairy, Osakis, MN

The Ralma JUROR Faith family might be the heaviest marketed cow family around the world in the last ten years, as there are successful females in most every country around the world.  FAIR debut’s as a Rock Solid Bull right out of the gate.  This low calving ease bull will improve all type traits; make impressive udders along with being one of the highest Goldwyn sons available for F&L composite in the breed.

Pedigree Information
Sire:    Braedale Goldwyn
Dam:   Fly-Higher The (Throne) Franchise-ET VG-86 GMD
2-02  365d  35240 M  4.1%  1460F  3.3%  1176P
MGD:   Ralma Durham Frisky-ET TV VG-88 GMD DOM
2-10  365d  33700M  4.5%  1516F  3.4%  1132P
3rd Dam:   Ralma Juror Faith EX-91 GMD DOM
Lifetime:  1352d  133520M  4.5%  5986F  3.1%  4105P
4th Dam:   Ralma Leadman Fashion VG-89
Lifetime:  1243d  117710M  3.6%  4295F  3.0%  3519P
5th Dam:  Ralma Melwood Fashion – died at calving
6th Dam:  Ralma Golden Fortune VG-88 GMD DOM
3-02  365d  32540M  4.0%  1292F  3.2%  1028P
7th Dam:  Ralma Nugget Goldie VG-86 GMD DOM
Lifetime:  2553d  205540M  3.6%  7485F  3.0%  5528P
8th Dam:  Yendora Jaque Pioneer EX-90 GMD
Lifetime:  2032d  149040M  3.7%  5585F

Slo-Train Fair 7295 GP-81

Slo-Train Fair 7295 GP-81, Bob LaSalle, Firebaugh, CA

FAIR’s cow family has been developed over the years by Al & Mark Schmitt of Rice, MN. They have a closed herd and have not brought in any animals for many years, thus they have concentrated on making the correct matings on every generation in their barn. During one of my first visits to Ralma Holsteins, I can remember seeing JUROR Faith out in the heifer lot and she was an extremely deep open ribbed heifer with a tall dairy frame. She went right to work calving at 2-02 and making near 40,000 lbs. and setting a MN State fat record near 1700 lbs. of fat and over 1100 lbs. of protein.

With Al & Mark both feeling the same, they decided to breed JUROR Faith back to make another record. Make a record she did, nearly 48,000 lbs, over 2100 lbs. of fat and over 1400 lbs. of protein….plus she scored EX-91. The rest is history. According to the Holstein Association, JUROR Faith has 5 EX and 18 VG daughters.

The dam of FAIR was the result of purchased embryos by Farnear Holsteins, IA via Fly-Higher Holsteins, NY from Durham Frisky’s flush as a virgin heifer.  Throne proved to be one of the best mating on Durham Frisky as it resulted in three VG and one GP female. FAIR has only one full sister that is scored VG-89.  FAIR has a VG and a GP SHOTTLE sister plus a GP Marion sister and a GP JET STREAM sister. The MGD of FAIR, Durham Frisky, has two VG full sisters…Durham Fireball has 11 VG and one EX daughter while Durham Christmas Fudge 14 VG and 4 EX daughters.

Recent ABS graduate, 29HO13401 CHARIOT stems from this JUROR Faith family as well as the popular ABS SEXATION Bull, 52911993 FOCUS. Needless to say the JUROR Faith family is one of the best female cow families in North America and commands top dollar at elite sales around the world. Many of Faith’s daughters and granddaughters have sons standing at or contracted to ABS. As you walk through the Ralma herd you can pick out the Faith family members, they are the deep opened ribbed cows that spell milk with their dairy strength and their aggressive appetites.

FAIR will quickly be noticed for transmitting all the best type and production. These tall, long bodied, dairy daughters are true to form. FAIR daughters have high, wide rear udders with strong clefts, and exceptional fore udder attachments. They have adequate depth of rib and width throughout while tracking straight with sound legs and a steep heel. Protect for correctness of rump as they can have high pins and incorrect thurl placement.

With his low 6 Calving Ease, FAIR will be popular in the heifer and milking string to use on daughters sired by SHOTTLE, BOLTON, GARRISON, JAMMER and Z-DUKE.

To view complete proof information for FAIR, check out the ABS website.

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