Eastview SENTRY-ET – An Outcross SHOTTLE Son

A Bull Report by Mitch Amundson, Sire Analyst

29HO13224 Eastview SENTRY-ET (VG-88)

29HO13224 Eastview SENTRY-ET (VG-88)

Shottle meets outcross with lots of pedigree power!  For customers looking for a no-holes sire that can be used across their herd, Eastview genetics (MEADOWLORD) of Beaverdam, VA, delivers again with 29HO13224 Eastview SENTRY-ET.

Pedigree Information
Sire:            Shottle
Dam:           Eastview Jsthr Jessie MG-ET CV VG-86 +E++V
Best Record:  6-05  2x  365d  34030M  3.4%  1166F  2.9%  1001P
2nd Dam:     Eastview T Terry E Mat G-ET CV VG-87 VEVVV DOM
7-01  2x  365d  27010M  3.5%  936F  3.1%  844P
3rd Dam:     Eastview Elton Mattie G-ET CV VG-85 +V++V GMD DOM
Best Record:  1-11  2x  365d  28131M  3.9%  1102F  3.4%  961P
4th Dam:      Eastview Blak M Mattie G-ET VG-87 VVEGE GMD DOM
Best Record:  2-02  2x  365d  27580M  3.5%  972F  3.0%  840P
5th Dam:      Eastview Mark Bell Mattie G EX-90 EEEV GMD DOM
Best Record:  4-10  2x  365d  34970M  3.8%  1325F  3.0%  1066P
6th Dam:      Eastview Bell Mars Mattie G VG-87 VEVV GMD DOM
Best Record:  7-09  2x  365d  27090M  4.0%  1092F  3.1%  846P

Brower Sentry 9139-Grade, GP-81

Brower Sentry 9139-Grade, GP-81

The Mattie G lineage needs no introduction as performance has been the stamp of this family. Long-lived cows abound from SENTRY’s maternal line and combined with the breeding pattern of Shottle, expect larger frames with plenty of strength and dairyness. SENTRY’s dam is sired by Jesther, a Mountain x Elton son that sired femininity and high milk production which her son continues to pass on to his daughters. The MARATHON sister has proven sons as well siring a very similar breeding pattern. You can use SENTRY with confidence that your herd will be well-protected for years to come.

Castelanelli Sentry 4279

Castelanelli Sentry 4279

In the field SENTRY has produced some of the more prominent daughters from a type perspective. The daughters are hard working and milky individuals with high and wide rear udders and tightly attached fore udders. They are average in size with a great combination of dairyness and strength. SENTRY daughters are a little straighter in the leg but walk straight when viewed from the rear. They also have correct slope to their rump structures.

SENTRY will be an ideal mating on daughters of ALTON, Toystory, Mac, AltaDorne. He can be used in heifer pens on daughters of BOLTON, BURT, DIE-HARD, GARRISON, HOMESTEAD, JAMMER, LANGDON, MANGO, and PRO. It’s best to avoid Elton bloodlines.

For complete proof information on Eastview SENTRY-ET, visit the ABS website. To order, call 1-800-ABS-STUD today!

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