A Look at ABS Jersey Sire, Schultz Rescue HEADLINE

A Bull Report by Dick Smith

Jersey sire 29JE3510 HEADLINE was bred to give us a powerful genetic combination of low SCS, high Daughter Fertility and exceptional productive life.  Daughter data indicates the bull is doing all of that….and a great deal more.

Pedigree Information
Sire:            Schultz Declo RESCUE
Dam:          Schultz Avery Harm  Ex(91%)  PL + 5.4 her full sister is +6.2
3-09  305d  2x  21,380M  4.5%  962F  3.4%  723P
MGD:         Schultz Sooner Harmony  Ex(91%)  PL + 4.5
6-05  305d  2x  22,430M  4.3%  963F  3.7%  823P
MGGD:      Schultz Duncan Harmony  Ex(91%)
5-07    305d  2x  23,340M  4.2%  980F  3.5%  808P

Schultz Headline Margy VG-88%

Schultz Headline Margy VG-88%, Jim Huffard, Crockett, VA

HEADLINE is sired by RESCUE, who was the first proven HALLMARK grandson in AI (RESCUE is a son of Hallmark Renae and therefore a maternal brother to RESTORE).  HEADLINE’S dam is a maternal sister to HALLMARK.   Sooner Harmony appears in both the top and bottom of HEADLINE’S pedigree.  In doing so Master Breeder Jim Huffard has woven together the finest members of this family, known so well for the ability to transmit exceptional health, fertility and longevity.

K&F Headline 13546-Grade

K&F Headline 13546-Grade, K&F Dairy, El Centro, CA

The Genomic evaluation would indicate that HEADLINE has indeed inherited the family traits for health, fertility and longevity.  Early type data would indicate the HEADLINE daughters are upstanding, with exceptionally strong fore udder attachments and impressive height of rear udder.  HALLMARK gave the Jersey breed better udder clearance, and HEADLINE may make headlines by taking this important trait to a new level.

The Danish influence has been growing in US pedigrees and this just might be the bull all those cows have been waiting for.  HEADLINE should improve udders and add fertility, stature and longevity to the next generation when used on your daughters of Mecca, Maximus, MILLION, Lemvig, Artist, Impuls and other imported bloodlines.

To view a complete proof on HEADLINE, visit the ABS Global website today!

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