BEACON – a Milk, Cheese Merit & SCR Specialist

A Bull Report from Mitch Amundson, Sire Analyst

29HO13366 End-Road BEACON-ET

29HO13366 End-Road BEACON-ET

Few sires accomplish the things BOLIVER has done in his ongoing career with ABS.  Maybe even more extreme in popularity, SHOTTLE has achieved superstardom within the Holstein Breed on a global scale.  The combination of Shottle on the topside of the pedigree with Boliver’s maternal on the bottom side may prove to be legendary!


Pedigree Information
Sire:                SHOTTLE
Dam:           End-Road Marshall Bug VG-88 VVVVV GMD DOM
Best Record:    3-02  2x  365d  34610M  3.7%  1267F  3.3%  1137P
2nd Dam:         End-Road Marty Beetle-ET EX-91 EEEEE
Best Record:    5-04  2x  365d  40490M  3.7%  1493F  3.1%  1270P
3rd Dam:          End-Road Mathie Big Bang-ET VG-85 +VV+V DOM
Best Record:    2-10  2x  352d  27030M  3.8%  1022F  3.3%  895P
4th Dam:      End-Road Leadman Banjo-ET EX-90 2E VVEVE GMD DOM
Best Record:    6-11  2x  365d  33050M  4.0%  1321F  3.4%  1127P
Lifetime:    2663d  183,880M  4.0%  7330F  3.5%  6364P
5th Dam:      End-Road Royalty Bingo VG-87 EEEG+ GMD DOM
Best Record:    4-01  2x  365d  38320M  3.5%  1348F  3.1%  1198P
Lifetime:    2048d  150,520M  3.5%  5318F  3.2 %  4854P


Palla Beacon 28608-Grade

Palla Beacon 28608-Grade

Sire analysts the world over love to see the same family continue to show up on their radar generation after generation. BEACON is a great example of how continued usage of elite sires on a powerful cow family can yield exciting results time and again.  BEACON’s dam was mated to SHOTTLE on December 2, 2004, RSA Tom Harkenrider’s mating. Only three calves resulted from the mating, with BEACON being the single male. ABS has continued to work with his two full sisters to this day as they are both high scoring, high producing, long-lived cows in two separate herds that you will continue to hear from with sons like 29HO14197 BADGER and future sons by Planet, Freddie, Super, Million, and Domain.


Sierra View Beacon 3591-Grade

Sierra View Beacon 3591-Grade

BEACON daughters in the field have shown outstanding type and the ability to produce large volumes of milk. They are above average in size, long bodied, and wide-rumped cows. They have very high, wide and capacious rear udders and long fore udders. They walk with an ideal leg set and on a steep foot. Protect BEACON daughters on depth of rib and udder depth.

BEACON will work well on daughters of ALTON, BOLTON, BURT, HAYDEN, JAMMER, JET STREAM, as well as Laudan, Michael, O-Man, Active, Alexander, and Nifty.

Find his full proof information here.

To order your BEACON, call 1-800-ABS-STUD today!

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