DURCHAN – A Magical Cross of Goldwyn x Durham

A Bull Report From Tim Abbott, ABS/St. Jacobs

94HO13635 Mr DURCHAN Destin-ET

94HO13635 Mr DURCHAN Destin-ET

Mr DURCHAN Destin-ET (94HO13635),  is a graduate from the St. Jacobs Judge’s Choice program.  He is an early son of the very popular 2nd generation All-American Durham from Chancel known by the same name as her son…Durchan.   DURCHAN’s dam is now Ex-95 and is known for her success as a brood cow, making several outstanding daughters.  When DURCHAN was released, JC Judge Ken Empey had this quote….”I am really convinced that she is the perfect mating for Goldwyn.  Her tremendous width of chest, strength, open, deep rib and height and width of rear udder all compliment Goldwyn” …It looks like he was right!

Pedigree Information
Sire:            Braedale Goldwyn
Dam:           Coldsprings Dur Chan 109-ET  Ex-95 2E
4-0  365d  35450M   3.4%   1202F   3.0%   1054P
All-American 4 Year Old Cow 2004
Grand Champion NY Spring International Holstein Show 2005 and 2007
MGD:          C Bermaska Starbuck Chancel  VG-89  DOM  GMD  4*
2-7  365d  28400M  4.3%   1230F   3.5%   998P
2 times All-American and 3 times All-Canadian
3rd Dam:      A Danaco Enhancer Cheryl  VG-87
7-5  305d  21462M  4.8%  1021F  3.5%  743P

Coldsprings Dur Chan 109-ET EX-95 2E

Coldsprings Dur Chan 109-ET EX-95 2E

Durchan was a popular winner at the big shows as a young cow and then as a mature cow, and has gained great acclaim as a brood. Along with an Ex 91 full sister to this bull, she is the dam of an outstanding pair of Allen daughters that are both nominated All-American as young cows.  Alana, the one that the Smiths in Maryland own, won the milking yearling class at Madison a couple years ago and came back as a class winner and Intermediate Champion at Harrisburg as a 3 year old.  Her full sister, Elite was nominated as a Sr. 2 year old and came back out with success again this year as well. Durchan herself developed into a great framed cow.  She has one of the most perfect rump structures you will find on a cow with great angle to the rum and fantastic width.  She was always known for her great rear rib and tremendous flat bone and long neck.  You can see great pieces of several parts of her pedigree coming out in the cow, her daughters and now the daughters of her son DURCHAN.

DURCHAN daughters are going to be long and stylish. They will have great width of rump and great openness to their rib.  They will walk on a strong set of feet and legs typically with some set to the leg.  He will sire shallow udder depth, and tremendous rear udders with a deep cleft and nice teat placement.  His PL, DPR and SCS are all better than PA showing he should be a bull that makes them last!  While he is not a great milk yield bull, he improves both Fat and Protein percents. Maybe the best news is his 7 on MCE and CE with hundreds of observations!

DURCHAN comes along just at the right time to be used on the SHOTTLE, DUNDEE, BOLTON and Advent-Red daughters.

To purchase DURCHAN, contact an ABS Sales Representative today, or call 1-800-ABS-STUD! Visit the web to view his entire proof.

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