Welcome to ABS Global, Inc.

ABS Global, De Forest

ABS Global, Inc. Offices in De Forest, WI

ABS Global, Inc.
has had a significant impact on the world livestock scene for nearly 70 years. By following a concept of breeding superior livestock through artificial insemination, ABS and A.I. together have made immeasurable impact on providing the world with a dependable supply of meat and milk.

ABS was founded by J. Rockefeller Prentice in 1941. Mr. Prentice played a major role in determining the course of the industry in the United States. He believed in the principle of progeny tested sires and the importance of that sire being genetically superior.

Rock Prentice’s “foundation stones” for success of ABS included incorporating good people, and those who were best in their respective fields. He also believed in free and open competition to instill efficiency and to best serve the public. Rock wanted top progeny tested sires to serve as the basis for the industry, and believed in research to create a sound technical basis for the agriculture industry.

Today, ABS has wholly owned business units or joint venture marketing operations in Canada, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, Australia, Mexico, Columbia, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Germany, France, Ireland, South Africa and China. These business partnerships are augmented by a network of distributors and agents around the world bringing ABS products, programs and services to an ever-increasing percentage of the world’s livestock producers. Working with people who know the cultures, markets, languages and needs of their respective countries has proven an effective method of building strong, productive relationships.

Dekorra Facility

ABS Dekorra Facility

ABS is committed to bringing you the highest level of genetics, and in doing so purchased 240 acres located 15 miles north of ABS Global headquarters in De Forest, in July 2007. Over the next three years, three barns were built on the property to house a total of 240 dairy and beef sires and an additional barn is planned for the future.

ABS Global continues to be dedicated to the improvement of dairy and beef cattle to produce milk and meat more efficiently. This can be done through development, selection, and extensive use of the best progeny tested sires in each breed via artificial insemination. These principles were fundamental when the company was founded, and remain the bread and butter of the company and its mission today.

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  1. Vern Meier says:

    Looks Great, nice start to the Blog.

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